Northeastern University Faculty Profile Fact Sheet

Northeastern’s faculty profile is diverse and impressive, by design. All the colleges of the university rely on the distinctive contributions made by tenured and tenure-track faculty; by full-time, non-tenure track faculty; and by part-time faculty. We deliberately seek to match the credentials and experience of the faculty we recruit to the specific nature and needs of our diverse academic programs. Northeastern’s momentum—and the quality of our students and programs—make our faculty positions desirable to highly qualified candidates from many walks of life.

At a time when other universities have been retrenching, Northeastern has made substantial efforts over the last several years to invest in the university’s greatest resource, its faculty.  Here are some of the results of those efforts:

  • Northeastern is increasing its full-time faculty ranks.

  • Over the last seven years, we have recruited 387 new tenured and tenure-track faculty members to Northeastern.  In addition, since 2003, we have more than doubled the number of full-time nontenure-track faculty.
  • The vast majority (more than 90%) of full-time faculty teaching at Northeastern hold a terminal degree.

  • During the 2013 Fall term, full-time faculty (tenured, tenure-track and nontenure-track) delivered 75% of all instruction in Northeastern’s colleges serving traditional undergraduates (all our colleges except the School of Law and the College of Professional Studies).

  • Part-time faculty delivered 17% of the instruction in Northeastern’s colleges serving traditional undergraduates during the 2013 Fall term.  The percentage of instruction delivered by part-time faculty is 27.4% if we include CPS and the School of Law.

  • During the 2013 Fall term, full-time faculty delivered 66% of all instruction, across all colleges, at Northeastern.  The remainder of the instruction across the university was delivered by part-time faculty and others, such as staff.

  • Full-time, nontenure-track faculty appointments normally range from one to five years, may be renewable, and include benefits identical to those of tenure-line faculty.

  • Our part-time faculty ranks include many professionals whose primary job is working in business, government or industry, as well as faculty who have dedicated their careers to teaching.

  • Many part-time faculty members teach one or two courses per year and return for several years to teach these courses at Northeastern.