Election Information

Part-time faculty who are included in the following unit description and meet the eligibility criteria below are eligible to vote on the question of whether they wish to be represented for purposes of collective bargaining by Service Employees International Union:

Unit Description
All part-time graduate, undergraduate faculty (adjunct, lecturers or instructors) employed by Northeastern University to teach at least one credit-bearing course in a degree granting program, at Northeastern University’s campuses located at 360 Huntington Avenue, Boston, Massachusetts and 89 Broad Street, Boston, Massachusetts, including hybrid and blended courses, and the Law School, who are compensated on a per course basis, but excluding all tenured or tenured track faculty, visiting or contract faculty, faculty that teach only online courses and courses at any other Northeastern University campus, and all other employees, whether or not they have teaching as part of or in addition to any other of their responsibilities including, deans, provosts, professionals and non-professional employees, administrators, department chairs, graduate assistants, graduate students, research assistants, clinical fellows, teaching fellows, athletic coaches, academic advisors, maintenance employees, clerical employees, clinical nurses whose primary duties are performed away from the 360 Huntington Avenue and 89 Broad Street, Boston, Massachusetts campuses, managers, confidential employees, guards and supervisors as defined by the Act.

Eligibility Criteria
Those eligible to vote in the election are employees in the above unit who were employed as of March 21, 2014, including employees who did not work during that period because they were ill, on vacation, or were temporarily laid off and those employees who have taught at least one credit-bearing course in a degree granting program in any one semester or quarter since January 1, 2013.

Election Details
The National Labor Relations Board will mail ballots to part-time faculty eligible to vote on April 25, 2014.  If you are eligible to vote and have not received a ballot by May 5, you should contact the NLRB at (617) 565-6700 to request a ballot.  In order for your vote to be counted, you must complete the ballot and return it to the NLRB so that the NLRB receives it no later than the close of business on May 14.  The NLRB will count the ballots on May 15.

Northeastern University encourages all part-time faculty members who are eligible to vote to review the information on this website before completing their ballot.  The election is decided by a majority of the ballots that are cast.  Therefore, the only way to make your voice heard on the question of union representation is to complete your ballot and return it to the NLRB by May 14.  We encourage you to participate actively in determining whether you will continue working directly with the university or will have a third party, the SEIU, speaking for you with regard to your pay, benefits and working conditions.