Services & Resources

The Office of Parent Programs and Services provides services for all students and their family members. From locating specific university offices to ensuring parents are notified when important news and events are happening on campus, we are here to help you find the services and resources you need to stay in touch with Northeastern.

Understanding FERPA

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974 is designed to protect the confidentiality of education records and to give students the ability to access their records and assure the accuracy of their contents. Under FERPA, institutions must allow students who are 18 years or over or attending a postsecondary institution:

⋅ Access to their education records
⋅ An opportunity to seek to have the records amended (see the Student Handbook for this procedure)
⋅ Variable control over the disclosure of information from the records

Parent Handbook

The Parent Handbook is an essential resource for all Northeastern parents and families. To learn more information about university guidelines, procedures, on-campus offices, and more, feel free to read through the 2015 Parent Handbook.

My Bus Home

My Bus Home will offer bus transportation to Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey for 2015/2016 academic breaks. Private motor coaches with DVD and Wi-Fi will pick up students on campus in front of the Ruggles Train Station on Forsyth Street. My Bus Home brings students to and from central locations in Greenwich, CT; Jericho, NY; and West Orange, NJ. Students can make a reservation at