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College of Arts and Sciences

ASL Program Awarded $4.5 million from Department of Education

  • Professor Dennis Cokely, Director of the American Sign Language Program, is pleased to announce that the ASL Program has been awarded two grants from the Department of Education totaling $4.5 million over five years. One grant, for $1.5 million, will create a Regional Interpreter Education Center that will serve New England, New York, New Jersey, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. This grant, under the leadership of Cathy Cogen, is one of five such regional awards. Receipt of the grant marks the fifth time that the ASL Program has been awarded a five-year interpreter education grant from the Department of Education.
  • The second grant, for $3 million, will create a National Interpreter Education Center. This grant, under the leadership of Betsy Winston and Dennis Cokely, will coordinate activities of the five Regional Interpreter Education Centers and will implement a number of national initiatives. The ASL Program’s receipt of this grant is the first time in the history of the thirty-year competition that only one five-year national award was made.
  • These grants, capitalizing on the expertise of the ASL Program including newly hired Associate Professor Rico Peterson, place Northeastern in a position to shape interpreter education nationally and internationally for the next two decades. Receipt of these grants further enhances the reputation of Northeastern’s ASL Program and solidifies its national status as the preeminent Interpreter Education.

Bouvé College of Health Sciences

  • Toby Jarbe, Research Professor in CDD, received a Lifetime Contribution Award from the Society for the Stimulus Properties of Drugs in recognition of his pioneering work on the behavioral pharmacology of tetra-hydrocannabinol and other psychoactive drugs. Since 1973 he has published over 100 peer reviewed papers, almost half of them on cannabinoids and related compounds.
  • Brenda Douglas, assistant clinical specialist in the School of Nursing, and Wendy Smith, associate biology professor, are the 2006 Excellence in Teaching Award Recipients.

College of Business Administration

  • Northeastern continued its tradition of bringing home the Business Beanpot! The teams of Laurie Aquilante, Kevin Coakley, Adam Heath, Arnauld Jean-Jacques, Samuel Klar, Rachel Schaffer, Alex Shaner, Ari Strait , Katherine Toy and Jennifer Tullo bested business students from Boston University, Bentley College, Babson College and Suffolk University. This marks the eighth time in ten years of competition that Northeastern has captured first place.

College of Computer and Information Sciences

  • CCIS is pleased to announce that it now offers 10 dual majors. These 10 dual majors are structured as follows. Students should see their advisers for more information on these programs.
  • Dual of Computer Science and Information Science
  • Duals of CS or IS and Business
  • Duals of CS or IS and Cognitive Psychology
  • Duals of CS with the sciences: Mathematics, Physics, or Biology
  • Duals of CS with the digital arts: Multimedia or Music Technology

College of Criminal Justice

  • The College of Criminal Justice hosted twelve high-ranking staff members of the Irish Department of Justice, Equality and Law Reform in a unique executive development program in justice policy. College faculty created the program that consisted of academic as well as social and cultural components. This program is one of the outcomes of official visits to the College this summer of the Irish Minster of Justice, Equality and Law Reform and members of the Irish legislative who met the faculty to discuss issues such as law and justice reforms in Ireland.
  • James Alan Fox, Lipman Family Professor of Criminal Justice, recently discussed crime aboard cruise ships at the behest of the International Council of Cruise Line. “While virtually noplace, on land or sea, is totally free of risk, the number of reported incidents of serious crime from cruise lines is extremely low, no matter what benchmark or standard is used,” he said in a statement after reviewing federal crime statistics.

College of Engineering and School of Engineering Technology

  • Yaman Yene, associate dean of the College of Engineering, organized and moderated the workshop “Administering to Research Centers: Common Shared Experiences,” during the annual meeting of the American Society for Engineering Education/Engineering Research Council in Washington.