Northeastern University Orientation
Spring Orientation Program

Registration Information

Program Fees
A non-refundable $350 New Student Fee will be posted to your first semester bill. This fee includes student orientation costs (including the opportunity to have two complimentary guests participate in the Parent Program which runs simultaneously to the Student Program), the automatic membership of your parents into the Parents Association; receiving regular communication on the University throughout the year, and Welcome Week activities.

New Student Fee

Freshman and Transfer Students                               $350
This fee includes 2 complimentary guests to
participate in the Parent Program

Additional Guests(above complimentary)                    $100

Program Policies
Cancellations and Refunds
All cancellations and changes must be made one week prior to your session. Cancellations or changes to the session date should be made in the registration form, found at For cancellations made less than one week prior to your session, you will be charged the session fee.

Please note: Students that enroll at Northeastern without attending their mandatory orientation session will be charged $50 to their account, in addition to the above program costs.

Students with Disabilities
The Office of New Student Orientation and Parent and Family Programs works closely with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) to provide accommodations and services to students and families with disabilities while here for orientation.

If you are Deaf or hard of hearing, please list any communication access needs at the time of registration. We can arrange for American Sign Language interpreters, Signed English interpreters, Oral interpreters, tactile or close-vision interpreters, CART, or assistive listening devices. If you have a vision disability and need written materials in an alternate format (such as Braille, audio taped, etc.), please indicate that on your registration form. 

IMPORTANT: All accommodations and services provided during orientation are for orientation purposes only. To receive ongoing accommodations and services during the semester, you must provide acceptable documentation to the Disability Resource Center (DRC) and meet with a DRC specialist to register for services. To begin the intake and registration process or to find out about documentation requirements, visit the DRC Web site at You are strongly encouraged to begin the intake and registration process at least three months before the start of classes to minimize any delays in services.

If you have a disability or are Deaf or hard of hearing, please contact
Debbi Auerbach, service coordinator
617.373.2675 (voice)
617.373.2730 (TTY)
617.373.7800 (fax)

Students must register online at
-Instructions for logging on to the Admitted Student Portal were included with your Welcome Packet. If you need assistance, please call the Office of New Student Orientation and Parent Programs at 800.696.6516.

Parents, you can either register online with your student or by calling the Office of New Student Orientation and Parent Programs at 800.696.6516.

Please Note: Though the New Student Fee includes 2 complimentary guests to participate in the Parent Program, it is still required for guests to register.

Children Under 12
The current orientation program is designed for adult participation and is not recommended for children under 12 years of age. All fees apply to children.