College of Social Sciences & Humanities

grace burkeName: Grace Burke

Hometown: New Canann, CT

Major: Sociology

 What is your best Northeastern inside tip?

There are tunnels that connect a lot of the major building on campus! It’s really nice to take the tunnels in the winter when it’s cold and snowing.

What’s your favorite NU event or activity?

I’m in the Best Buddies club on campus, which enabled me to meet more people and do something I enjoy. The clubs are a perfect way to make friends while still having fun doing something you love

Why do you want to be an Orientation Leader?

As a transfer student, I was so happy to come to Northeastern and find everything I could ever want in a college. Since Northeastern is home to such a diverse student body, I want to show freshmen that everyone can be happy here. 


helena sharmaName: Helen Sharma

Hometown: Amherst, MA

Combined Major: International Affairs and Anthropology

What is your best Northeastern inside tip?

Peet's Coffee & Tea in International Village is delicious, takes dining dollars, and never has a line!

What’s your favorite NU event or activity?

Every semester I pick three clubs to join--they all have to be very different from each other, and one of them has to be something I've never done before! That way I get to try a lot of different things, and I meet people from all different parts of campus. Right now I'm involved in Strong Women Strong Girls, Model Arab League and Feminist Students Organization!

Why do you want to be an Orientation Leader?

I understand how nerve-wracking heading off to college to be, and I'm excited to answer questions and help smooth everyone's transition!


nayhan guerinName: Nathan Guerin

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Major: History

What is your favorite part of Boston/thing to do in Boston?

I go to the Museum of Fine Arts at least twice a semester and it's free for Northeastern students!

What is your best Northeastern inside tip?

Wollastons has a deli as well that I didn't find until the end of the first semester.  Get the Hemenway, it's their Italian sandwich and it's probably the best sandwich you can find on campus.  

What is your hidden talent?

I speak Indonesian and I've even found opportunities to practice here at Northeastern.