College of Engineering

matt beamName: Matthew Beam

Hometown: Danvers, MA

Major: Mechanical Engineering

What is your favorite part of Boston/thing to do in Boston?

My favorite part about Boston is all of the places there are to go, like Faneuil Hall, the harbor, the common, the Prudential and Newbury street. My favorite things to do in Boston are to walk around exploring new places and going to concerts.

What’s your favorite NU event or activity?

Attending the Ice Hockey games. They are so much fun and there is so much crowd involvement, the atmosphere is so energetic and exciting.

Why do you want to be an Orientation Leader?

To spend more time here on campus over the summer, I am greatly looking forward to meeting lots of new students and getting to show them my amazing school.


mohit bhardwajName: Mohit Bhardwaj

Hometown: Lusaka, Zambia

Combined Major: Mechanical Engineering and Physics

What do you love about Northeastern?

What I love about Northeastern is the cultural diversity. Not only are there several different cultures present on campus, but there are several different established cultural groups that are open to anyone to participate. I feel this is a great advantage as it leads to creating open-minds about others' cultures and this fosters our understanding of one another.

 What’s your favorite NU event or activity?

My favorite NU activity is the Intramural League. I am able to pursue an interest in a sport that I love, and since it is all in great fun, the amount of pressure in winning is minimal!

What is your hidden talent?

My hidden talent would be that I sometimes use the recording studio in Snell Library to record songs with a couple of other friends here at Northeastern. We have currently recorded 3 cover songs and we hope to start recording a few originals next semester!


lindsey carverName: Lindsey Carver

Hometown: Dallas, TX

Combined Major: Computer Engineering and Physics

What is your favorite part of Boston/thing to do in Boston?

One of my favorite things to do in Boston is exploring thrift shops. There's a Goodwill about a mile from campus and if you go into Cambridge, the Garment District is well worth the trip!

What is your best Northeastern inside tip?

Definitely keep an eye out for music playing at afterHours, you'd be surprised at the variety of musicians who come.

What’s your favorite NU event or activity?

I'm really involved in Society of Women Engineers as well as Circle K. Volunteering on campus is a really fun way to meet new people and it can't hurt that your doing good for your own community!