Is Orientation required? >>

Yes. It is mandatory for all incoming students to attend an Orientation program, where they will meet with their academic advisers and register for classes.

How do I register for Orientation? >>

Students should register online through the Admitted Student Portal, at Parents can register with their student on the admitted student portal, or by calling 800.696.6516.

How are my Orientation costs covered? >>

The Undergraduate Student Fee supports enrollment and support services including new student Orientation (with 2 complimentary guests), as well as Welcome Week activities. Students will automatically be billed this fee upon enrollment; more information may be found on the Student Financial Services website.

What if I want to change my major? >>

Students requesting major changes must do so through the Admitted Student Portal, at If approved, the Office of Undergraduate Admissions will contact you.

How do I request a deferment to another year? >>

Official requests for deferring your enrollment to another year must be made through the Admitted Student Portal, at



Will I meet my advisor at Orientation? >>

This depends on your program of study. In some cases you will meet the advisor with whom you will work in the spring. In other cases, you will meet with a different advisor who is assisting with the Orientation process, and you will meet your official academic advisor during the first week of the semester. In either case, you will have the opportunity to work with an advisor from your college during the academic portion of the Orientation program.

If I attend a later Orientation session, will I get the classes I want? >>

Does not pertain to spring entrance.



What are guest-housing accommodations like at Orientation? >>

Does not pertain to spring entrance.

When will I get my housing assignment along with move-in information? >>

Both room assignments and initial move-in information will be sent to new students in early December.

When will I receive roommate information? >>

Roommate information is sent at the same time as the room assignments in early December.  If your roommate has not shared his or her contact information, you can e-mail and ask that they forward your e-mail address to your roommate so that you can connect before the semester begins.

When do classes begin? >>

Spring 2016 classes begin on Monday, January 11.