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Is orientation required?
Yes. It is mandatory for all new freshman and transfer students to attend an orientation program, where they will meet with their academic advisers, and register for classes.

How do I register for orientation?
Students should register online through the Admitted Student Portal, at Parents can register with their student on the admitted student portal, or by calling 800.696.6516.

What are the fees, what do they cover, and how do I pay them?
A non-refundable $350 New Student Fee will be posted to your first semester bill. This fee includes student orientation costs (including the opportunity to have two complimentary guests participate in the Parent Program which runs simultaneously to the Student Program), the automatic membership of your parents into the Parents Association; receiving regular communication on the University throughout the year, and Welcome Week activities.

I missed the registration deadline. What should I do?
The sooner you register, the greater the chance that we will be able to place you in a session date that you prefer.

Why am I charged a new student fee in addition to the required tuition deposit?
The New Student Fee covers the cost of expenses related to the orientation program, including but not limited to, materials, staffing, meals, parking, and Welcome Week activities. Many colleges and universities that do not assess a separate fee usually fund their orientation program through additional fees attached to the student tuition.

What if I want to change my major?
Students requesting major changes must do so through the Admitted Student Portal, at Major change requests must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the orientation session.

Note to transfer students: It is important that you submit your major change request before orientation. If you change your major at orientation, you will need to speak with your academic advisor.

How do I request a deferment to another year?
Official requests for deferring your enrollment to another year must be made through the Admitted Student Portal, at

What if I don’t attend orientation?
Please know that orientation is mandatory. Should you not attend, you will need to make arrangements for enrollment on your own, and you risk being placed in courses not suited to your academic needs. Also, in addition to the new student fee ($350), an additional $50 will be added to your student account.

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Will I meet my advisor at orientation?
This depends on your program of study. In some cases you will meet the advisor with whom you will work in the spring. In other cases, you will meet with a different advisor who is assisting with the orientation process, and you will meet your official academic advisor during Welcome Week. In either case, you will have the opportunity to work with an advisor from your college during the academic portion of the orientation program.

If I attend a later orientation session, will I get the classes I want?
Students are automatically registered or "seeded" into some courses, determined by your major department, before you arrive on campus for orientation. Depending on your program of study, you may have to choose one or more electives to complete your fall schedule. Regardless of the orientation session you attend, your advisor will help you choose from the list of available courses and register for an appropriate schedule.

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If I'm living on campus, when will I move in? 
You will receive a specific time and date for move-in from Housing Services in early December.

When will I get my room assignment?
Room assignments will be sent to new students early December.

When will I receive roommate information?
Roommate information is sent at the same time as room assignments. If your roommate has not shared his or her contact information, you can e-mail and ask that we forward your e-mail address to your roommate so that you can connect before the semester begins.

When do classes begin?
Spring semester 2010 begins Monday, January 11. 

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