Northeastern University Orientation
Orientation Photo
What to Bring

Below is a checklist of items that students should bring:

  • Government issued photo identification (ie: license, passport)
  • Financial aid materials - students who have been awarded work-study will need to present the following forms of identification. To expedite the loan and student employment process, students should not only bring these forms of ID's, but also photo copies of each. 
    • Valid passport or alien registration card or
    • Photo ID and social security card or
    • Photo ID and U.S. birth certificate
  • Parking Permit
  • Completed health report (if not sent already)

Students who have taken AP/IB courses or course at an accredited college/university should bring the following:

  • Advanced Placement (AP) Exam verification (if applicable)
  • College transcripts, course catalogs, and/or syllabi (if applicable)