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Support Groups

    • An Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) group meets year-round on Fridays 6-7pm (excluding the week between Christmas and New Year’s). Groups meet weekly at 160 Richards. Groups are open to both the NU community and the general public (not to classroom observers). For more information, contact  the AA Central Service Committee for Eastern Massachusetts at (617) 426-9444, or
    • AA LGBTQ Meetings
    • A Narcotics Anonymous (NA) group meets year-round on Tuesdays 7-8:30pm at Ell Hall room 311 (3rd floor). Groups are open to both the NU community and the general public (we welcome classroom observers). For more information, contact  the New England Region of Narcotics Anonymous by calling our hotline at 1-866-NA-HELP-U , or go to

Other Resources

1.) Calculate your personal Blood Alcohol Content*^

2.) Links to National Websites:

Self-Help Resources:

More Information:

*Email for more resources.

*Please note: OPEN does not testify to, sponsor, or endorse any information provided on any externally linked page. OPEN provides this link for your information and for the benefit of the Northeastern community.

^Please note: There is no BAC calculator that is 100% accurate because of the number of factors that affect consumption and reduction (burnoff) rates of different people. These factors include amount of food in the stomach when drinking, medications or drugs that may be in the system, metabolism rates, etc. The best that can be done is a rough estimate of BAC based on the information provided.

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