Other Resources

1) Calculate your personal Blood Alcohol Content*

2) Links to National Websites:

Self-Help Resources:

Alcoholics Anonymous*


Marijuana Anonymous*

Narcotics Anonymous*

Rational Recovery Systems*: a recovery program that is neither spiritually or psychologically based

Secular Organization for Sobriety (Save Our Selves)*: a self-empowerment approach that supports any path or form of recovery from alcohol and/or drugs.

Rethinking Drinking-Alcohol & Your Health*: an interactive website on alcohol, provided the National Institutes of Health.

^Please note: There is no BAC calculator that is 100% accurate because of the number of factors that affect consumption and reduction (burnoff) rates of different people. These factors include amount of food in the stomach when drinking, medications or drugs that may be in the system, metabolism rates, etc. The best that can be done is a rough estimate of BAC based on the information provided.