Individual check-ins include two fifty-minute meetings with staff. Meetings focus on discussing your alcohol and/or drug use, giving personalized feedback, and developing strategies to help you make informed decisions about alcohol and/or drugs. All meetings are confidential and (if required as part of a sanction) only your participation and completion of a sanction will be reported to the conduct office.

As part of the check-in, you may be asked to complete a personalized online feedback program on alcohol and/or marijuana. 

If you are required to complete an individual check-in as part of a judicial sanction, your decision letter will note the dates by which you must contact OPEN and complete your sanction. In most cases, an OPEN staff member will contact you via your Northeastern email address within three business days of a finalized judicial decision to set up your first meeting. If you are not contacted by OPEN, it is your responsibility to make sure you complete your sanction by the date determined by your hearing officer.

If you would like to participate in a check-in, even if not part of a sanction, you are more than welcome to contact OPEN at anytime to set up a meeting or to ask questions.

Not in Boston? No worries. Individual check-ins can be completed via Skype.

To set up a check-in, contact OPEN at 617-373-4459 or

Student Feedback:
"Originally headed into OPEN I pictured that I was going to have to sit down with a nosy therapist wanting to know all about my childhood, what kind of person I am, etc. etc. and on top of that I thought that it would be someone that would be talking down to me like I did something wrong. I thought it was going to be a person who was going to tell me what to do with my life, however, this was completely untrue, I realized this was not therapy by any means. It is rather an opportunity for students to reflect on habits that may affect short term/long term goals. Walking out of that meeting, I felt that my head was truly on straight and that I was on the right path not only with my education and starting my career, but also with how I deal with certain desires and distractions."
-Student who completed a check-in with staff.

"The OPEN meetings helped me a lot in gaining a healthy lifestyle. I don't think I could have done it without [the] awesome encouragement and support."
-Student who completed a check-in with staff


What is an OPEN group like?

Groups are ninety minute discussions that cover facts and tips to minimize the negative effects of alcohol and ways to stay safe, whether or not you drink. Groups have five to ten students and are led by one or two staff. All meetings are confidential and only your participation and completion of a sanction will be reported to OSCCR or your RD.

To sign up for a group, please click the link below and complete the registration form:
OPEN Group Sign up Form

If you have immediate questions or concerns, please call 617-373-4459 or email We do our best to accommodate your preferred group date and time, however, we reserve the right to reschedule OPEN groups as conflicts may arise.

Student Feedback:
“I can’t tell you how pleasantly surprised I was with this session. I’m not entirely sure what I expected, but I can say that I was not looking forward to going. Once I got there, not only was I not itching to leave, I thoroughly enjoyed the entire session. The more relaxed climate allowed us to feel at ease and be more open, and showed me that [staff] were being totally honest with us. Oftentimes with things of this nature, whoever is in charge will overtly push an agenda so that even if they were to present any useful information, it would get lost in the nonsense. I appreciated that it was not a lecture about why [students] were there, nor an unrealistic abstinence approach, nor an attack on our morals. This session went without judgment or attempting to tell me what is right or wrong. As a result, I learned a lot of extremely useful information that left me more suited to make good decisions. I cannot thank you enough for making this overall uncomfortable ordeal become a pleasurable learning experience.”
-Student who completed a group

“I thought it was a very informative meeting, and although I feel that I do know a lot about drinking and the effects it can have, I still was learning new things. The environment of the group was much better than I expected. I thought we were going to be getting yelled at for an hour and a half but this was a much better situation. I felt comfortable discussing anything and I think that increased what I got out of it.”
-Student who completed a group