OPEN; the Office of Prevention and Education at Northeastern provides programming and education on topics related to alcohol and other drugs and sexual violence prevention.  We seek to provide supportive, accessible and non-judgmental services to students as well as to engage our community on wellness-related topics.

Alcohol and Other Drug Education, Consultation and Referral Services

OPEN provides evidence-based education, programming, assessment and referral services for Northeastern students around alcohol and other drugs. OPEN takes a supportive, confidential, and non-judgmental approach to talking with students.  We encourage students to make informed decisions and strive to reduce the harm that can be associated with alcohol and other drugs. OPEN is responsible for campus-wide initiatives around alcohol and other drug education as well as the coordination and sponsorship of activities such as Alcohol Awareness Month.  Students are encouraged to stop by 307 Ell Hall for information or to schedule an appointment to speak with a staff person.

Northeastern’s Philosophy on Alcohol and Other Drugs

Northeastern University fosters a community that reinforces healthy choices and encourages responsible decision-making regarding the use of alcohol and other drugs. Northeastern strives to maintain a working, living, and learning environment that is free from the negative effects that alcohol and other drug use can create. Additionally, the University is committed to enforcing policies and laws surrounding alcohol and other drug use. The University fulfills this philosophy by providing educational programs, resources for treatment, and referrals for students, faculty and staff who may experience problems related to substance use.

Sexual Violence Prevention Education and Resource Consultation

OPEN provides educational programs on sexual violence prevention, including bystander intervention programs. Staff are available to deliver programs on a wide array of topics including: consent, relationships, sexual assault, and bystander education. OPEN is a part of the Violence Support, Intervention and Outreach Network (ViSION), a network of campus and community allies focused on providing prevention, response and education for Northeastern students. OPEN’s role in ViSION is focused on outreach and education to the Northeastern community on sexual violence prevention. OPEN also provides staffing at the ViSION Resource Center, located on 106 St. Stephen Street, where students can learn about resources, reporting options and get connected to ViSION partners. The ViSION Resource Center is an entry point for students who have been affected by sexual violence.

Resources for Wellness

OPEN provides resources and referrals for students looking for information on a variety of topics related to wellness such as: physical health, mental health, sleep, nutrition, fitness/recreation and financial wellness.