Alcohol/Drug Use Diary

Why fill out a diary about drinking and/or drug use?

The daily drinking/drug use diary is a tool that can help students learn more about themselves and provide a better idea about personal use of alcohol and/or other drugs.

If you were assigned by OSCCR

If you were assigned to complete the diary as a part of a requirement or alternative through the Office of Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution, please be sure you complete the diary on a daily basis for the required amount of time (1 or 3 months).

How it works

  • Print the pdf document. You will require Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and complete this form.
  • For each day you drink or use drugs, complete the diary, filling out a separate line for each drink or drug, including: the date, the time you consumed, how much, who you were with, where you were, your mood. Codes are provided for ease of entering the information.
  • For the days you do not use, please indicate 'none.'
  • When you have completed all of the days in your substance use diary, enter your data in the electronic form.
  • Submit your completed form via email to (link enclosed in pdf form).

Completing a sanction

  • Once you have completed your 1 or 3-month diary, please email your pdf document to OPEN will inform OSCCR only that you have completed the requirement.
  • Your drinking/drug use diary will be seen ONLY by staff at OPEN This exercise is intended for your use only and will not be used to penalize you in any other judicial action.

Feel free to contact OPEN with any questions at 617-373-4559 or