Husky Headlines

Each month during the fall and spring semesters, OPEN distributes flyers across campus that focus on a different substance or issue. Please click the links below to see the issues of Husky Headlines, which premiered in November, 2008.

Check back each month for a new edition of Husky Headlines!

September 2014: Welcome to Northeastern!

2013-14 Issues:

August 2014: Blood Alcohol Concentration

July 2014: Alcohol and The Effects on Exercise

June 2014: Alcohol and Summer Safety 

May 2014: Alcohol and Dehydration

April 2014: Marijuana

March 2014: St. Patty's Day

February 2014: Spring Break

January 2014: Happy New Year

December 2013: Sleep

November 2013: Pre-gaming 101

October 2013: Alcohol Awareness Month

September 2013:Welcome and Welcome Back


2012-13 Issues:

Summer 2013: Summer Resources

May 2013: Ready to Quit!

April 2013: Marijuana 101

St.Patrick's Day Special Edition 2013

March 2013: Tips for a Happy, Healthy March

February 2013: Mixing Alcohol and Other Drugs

January 2013 Special Edition: ViSION

January 2013: Happy New Year NU!

December 2012: When & How to Get Help

November 2012: Effects Alcohol and Marijuana have on Sleep

October 2012: Alcohol Awareness Week

September 2012: Welcome & Welcome Back!


2011-12 Issues:

September 2011: Welcome & Welcome Back

October 2011: Alcohol Week

November 2011: Effects Alcohol and Marijuana have on Sleep

December 2011: Misusing Prescription Stimulants

January 2012: Mixing Alcohol and Other Drugs

February 2012: Blood Alcohol Concentration

March 2012: Tips for a Happy, Healthy & Safe St. Patrick's Day

April 2012: Marijuana 101

May 2012: Alcohol & Dehydration

June 2012: Alcohol & Summer Safety

July 2012: Alcohol in the Community

August 2012: Electronic Checkup To Go

2009-10 Issues:

April 2010: Alcohol, Drugs & Sleep

March 2010: Marijuana 101

February 2010: Alcohol Myopia

January 2010: Medical Amnesty Policy

November 2009: Cold & Flu Medications and Potential Interactions with Alcohol

October 2009: BE-WISE-ER-Alcohol Week 2009 & Pre-Halloween Tips

September 2009: Alcohol/What's Really Happening at Northeastern?


2008-09 Issues:

April 2009: Marijuana

March 2009: Hangover

February 2009: Pre-Spring Break Tips

January 2009: Alcohol

December 2008: Prescription Stimulants

November 2008: Question 2/Marijuana


If you have any ideas, questions, or comments, or would like HH displayed in your residence hall/office/building, please contact OPEN via email at