Alcohol and Drugs 101

You would be surprised by how much the average person doesn't know about alcohol and drugs. For you to make informed decisions about various substances, you have to know the facts.

Welcome to Alcohol and Drugs 101!

Alcohol Basics: Know What You're Getting

Green Zone: How to Enjoy the Positive Effects & Avoid the Negative Effects of Alcohol

Alcohol and Sex: Know the Facts

Signs of Alcohol Poisoning: What to Look for and Who to Call

Reducing Your Risk: Making Deliberate Decisions 

Marijuana: Be Informed

Top Two: Alcohol & Marijuana Interactions

Medication Nation: Prescription & OTC Drug Facts

Drug Deal: Ecstasy, Cocaine, LSD, and all the rest


Did you know?

Sometimes it's hard to know if something is a beer or a malt liquor because drinks can look and be packaged the same. One way to know is if the title includes 'Ice', the drink is a malt liquor based on the brewing process. For example, Bud, Bud Light, and Bud Ice may all be in the same section of a store and look alike, but Bud Ice is stronger and is classified as a malt liquor because of the way it's made. A standard drink of beer is 12 ounces while a standard drink of malt liquor is 8-10 ounces. Other common examples of malt liquor are Colt 45, Mike's Hard Lemonade, Old English, and Smirnoff Ice.