Master of Science Technical Communication Online

Required Courses (20 q.h.)

Complete all of the following courses:

TCC 6100 Introduction to Technical and Professional Writing 4 q.h.
TCC 6102 Editing Technical Content 4 q.h.
TCC 6110 Information Architecture 4 q.h.
TCC 6120 Usability 4 q.h. 
TCC 6850 Technical Communications Capstone Project* 4 q.h.

*Should be taken as final course in the program.

Concentrations (16-18 q.h.)

If students prefer to focus their studies on a particular concentration, they may select 16-18 q.h. from one of the concentrations below, and complement their studies with 8-10 q.h. of elective courses (listed at the end of the curriculum), to meet the minimum 46-q.h. degree requirement.

Students are not required to complete a concentration. Any combination of 26 q.h. from concentration and elective courses will satisfy degree requirements.


Computer Industry Writing Concentration (16 q.h.)

Choose four of the following courses

TCC 6430 Writing for the Computer Industry 4 q.h.
TCC 6440 Advanced Writing for the Computer Industry 4 q.h.
TCC 6400 Structured Documentation 4 q.h.
TCC 6450 Managing Technical Publications 4 q.h.
TCC 6410 Online Documentation  4 q.h. 
TCC 6520 Marketing Writing  4 q.h.


Social Media and Online Communities Concentration (16-18 q.h.)

TCC 6710 Content Strategy 4 q.h.

Choose 12-14 q.h. from the following courses:

CMN 6035 Legal, Policy, and Ethical Issues in the Digital Era 3 q.h.
CMN 6045 Leveraging Digital Technologies: Strategy, Assessment, and Governance 3 q.h.
CMN 6055 Planning and Design of Social Media Channels and Online Communities 3 q.h.
CMN 6065 Implementation and Management of Social Media Channels and Online Communities 3 q.h.
DGM 6285 Interactive Marketing Fundamentals  4 q.h. 
DGM 6290 Social Media and Brand Strategy Implementation 4 q.h.

Open Electives (8-10 q.h.)

Choose a combination of 8-10 q.h. of electives from the list below and any concentration courses above:

TCC 6410 Online Documentation 4 q.h.
TCC 6310 Regulatory Documentation Processes  4 q.h. 
TCC 6370 Regulatory Writing: Medical Device Submissions  4 q.h. 
TCC 6380 Regulatory Writing: New Drug Applications 4 q.h.
TCC 6470 Web Accessibility for Technical Communicators 4 q.h.
TCC 6460 Information Management  4 q.h. 
TCC 6480 Instructional Design for Technical Comminicators 4 q.h.
TCC 6610 Prototyping 2 q.h.
TCC 6620 Collecting User Data 2 q.h.
TCC 6630 Introduction to XML 2 q.h.
TCC 6640 Wiki-Based Documentation 2 q.h.
TCC 6710 Content Strategy 4 q.h. 
TCC 6720 Writing for Global Markets 2 q.h. 
DGM 6500 Working with Digital Images 2 q.h.
DGM 6501 Web Creation Bootcamp 2 q.h.
DGM 6503 Flash Intensive 2 q.h.
DGM 6506 Introduction to Digital Video 2 q.h.
DGM 6509 Integrated Suite Workshop 2 q.h.
DGM 6511 Web Creation Bootcamp 2 2 q.h.

Total Quarter Hours: 46

If you enrolled before Fall 2012, contact your student success specialist for your curriculum.

Quick Info

  • 46 Quarter Hours
  • $28,106.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2014-2015 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 1 year
    Part-time years to completion: 2 years