Master of Science Project Management Online

Required Courses (21-22 q.h.)

PJM 5900 Foundations of Project Management
(This course is required for students who do not have at least two years of professional experience working on projects. This course is only intended for those who are not familiar with professional project work. Students with two years or more of professional project experience should not take this course.)
4 q.h.
PJM 6000 Project Management Practices  (prerequisite) 3 q.h.
PJM 6910 Capstone
(All other courses in the Project Management curriculum must be successfully completed before you are eligible for this course. This course is intended to be the FINAL course in the Project Management curriculum.)
3 q.h.

Choose five* of the following courses:

PJM 6005 Project Scope Management 3 q.h.
PJM 6015 Risk Management 3 q.h.
PJM 6025 Project Scheduling and Cost Planning 3 q.h. 
PJM 6135 Project Quality Management 3 q.h.
PJM 6140 Managing Troubled Projects 3 q.h.
PJM 6145 Global Project Management 3 q.h.
PJM 6705 Portfolio Management in the Enterprise Environment  3 q.h. 

*Students who take PJM 5900 are only required to take four courses in this section.

Elective Courses (9 q.h.)

Choose three of the following courses:

CMN 6015 Introduction to the Digital Era: The Power of Social Media 3 q.h.
CMN 6060 Negotiation, Mediation, and Facilitation 3 q.h.
CMN 6110 Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Conflict: Meeting Management 3 q.h.
LDR 6110 Leading Teams 3 q.h.
LDR 6135 The Ethical Leader 3 q.h.
COP 6940 Personal and Career Development (enrollment into this course requires participation in the cooperative  education program) 3 q.h.
INT 6943 Integrative Experiential Learning 3 q.h.

Concentrations (15-16 q.h.)

Choose one of the following concentrations:

Clinical Trial Design Concentration*

BTC 6211 Validation and Auditing of Clinical Trial Information   4 q.h.
BTC 6213 Clinical Trial Design Optimization and Problem Solving 4 q.h.
PMC 6212 Clinical Drug Development Data Analysis: Concepts  4 q.h.
RGA 6210 Strategic Planning and Project Management for Regulatory Affairs 4 q.h.

Construction Management Concentration (online only)*

CMG 6400 Introduction to Construction Management (prerequisite) 4 q.h.
CMG 6402 Alternative Project Delivery Methods and Project Controls 4 q.h.
CMG 6403 Safety, Project Risk, and Quality Management 4 q.h.
LDR 6110 Leading Teams 3 q.h.

Geographic Information Systems Concentration (online only)*

GIS 5101 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems 3 q.h.
GIS 5102 Fundamentals of GIS Analysis 3 q.h.
RMS 5105 Introduction to Remote Sensing 3 q.h.
GIS 5201 Advanced Spatial Analysis 3 q.h.

Choose one of the following courses:

GIS 6340 GIS Customization 3 q.h.
GIS 6350 GIS Management and Implementation   3 q.h.
GIS 6370 Internet-Based GIS 3 q.h.
GIS 6390 Business Applications of Geographic Information Systems 3 q.h.
GIS 6391 Healthcare Applications of Geographic Information Systems 3 q.h.

Information Security Management Concentration*

ITC 6300 Foundations of Information Security 3 q.h.
ITC 6315 Information Security Risk Management 3 q.h.
ITC 6310 Information Security Governance  3 q.h.
ITC 6320 Information Security Technology 3 q.h.

 Choose one of the following courses:

ITC 6305 IT Infrastructure (Systems, Networks, Telecom) 3 q.h.
ITC 6345 Systems and Network Administration 3 q.h.
MIS 6080 Network Security Concepts 4 q.h.
MIS 6082 Network Protection 4 q.h.

Leadership Concentration

LDR 6100 Developing Your Leadership Capability (prerequisite) 3 q.h.
LDR 6110 Leading Teams 3 q.h.
LDR 6120 Organizational Leadership 3 q.h.
LDR 6140 Strategic Leadership 3 q.h.

 Choose one of the following courses:

LDR 6135 Ethical Leadership 3 q.h.
LDR 6125 Managing Organizational Culture 3 q.h.


Leading & Managing Technical Projects Concentration*

PJM 6205 Leading and Managing Technical Projects 3 q.h.
PJM 6210 Communication Skills for Project Managers 3 q.h.
PJM 6215 Leading Remote Project Teams 3 q.h.
PJM 6220 Planning and Scheduling Technical Projects 3 q.h.
ITC 6035 Information Technology Project Management  3 q.h. 

Organizational Communication Concentration

CMN 6000/
INT 6000
Introduction to Organizational Communication/Writing Lab 3/1 q.h.

Choose four of the following courses:

CMN 6020 Ethical Issues in Organizational Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6050 Crisis Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6060 Negotiation, Mediation, and Facilitation  3 q.h. 
CMN 6080  Intercultural Communication  3 q.h. 
CMN 6090 Organizational Culture, Climate, and Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6110 Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Conflict 3 q.h.


Total Quarter Hours: 45-47

Tuition rates, all fees, rules and regulations, courses, and course content are subject to revision by the president and the Board of Trustees at any time.

*These concentrations are not available at the Charlotte, NC campus at this time.

Attention: If you enrolled before Winter 2012, contact your student success specialist for your curriculum.


Quick Info

  • 45 Quarter Hours
  • $27,675.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2015-2016 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 1 year
    Part-time years to completion: 2 years