Master of ScienceNonprofit Management

Required Courses (24 q.h.)

LDR 6100 Developing Your Leadership Capability 3 q.h.
NPM 6110 Legal and Governance Issues in Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
NPM 6120 Financial Management for Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
NPM 6125 Promoting Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
NPM 6130 Fundraising and Development for Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
NPM 6140 Grant and Report Writing 3 q.h.
NPM 6150 Human Resources Management in Nonprofit Organizations 3 q.h.
LDR 6360 Dynamics of Change at the Community and Social Level 3 q.h.

Electives (6 q.h.)

Choose two of the following courses:

LDR 6110 Leading Teams 3 q.h.
CMN 6080 Intercultural Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6050 Crisis Communication 3 q.h.
COP 6940 Personal and Career Development: Leadership in Practice (enrollment into this course requires participation in the cooperative education program) 3 q.h.
INT 6943 Integrative Experiential Learning 3 q.h.

Concentrations (15-17 q.h.)

Choose a concentration below.

Global Studies Concentration 

GST 6100 Global Basics: Globalization and Global Politics and Economics 4 q.h.
GST 6101 Global Basics: Global Literacy, Culture, and Community 4 q.h.
GST 6320 Peace and Conflict 4 q.h.

Choose one of the following courses:

GST 6501 Regional Studies: East Asia 4 q.h.
GST 6502 Regional Studies: Middle East 4 q.h.
GST 6503 Regional Studies: Sub-Saharan Africa 4 q.h.
GST 6504 Regional Studies: Europe 4 q.h. 
GST 6505 Regional Studies: Southwest and Central Asia  4 q.h. 
GST 6506  Regional Studies: Latin America 4 q.h. 

Human Services Concentration

HSV 6100 Theory and Practice of Human Services 3 q.h.
HSV 6110 Human Service Management and Development 3 q.h.
HSV 6630 Research and Evaluation in Human Services 3 q.h.
HSV 6160 Introduction to Employee Assistance Programs 3 q.h.
HSV 6640 Policy Issues in Human Services 3 q.h.

Leadership Concentration

LDR 6110 Leading Teams 3 q.h.
LDR 6120 Creating Leadership Capacity: Developing Bench Strength  3 q.h.
LDR 6125 Managing Organizational Culture 3 q.h.
LDR 6135 The Ethical Leader 3 q.h.
LDR 6140 Developing the Strategic Leader (recommended as last course) 3 q.h.

Organizational Communication Concentration

CMN 6000/
INT 6000
Foundations of Organizational Communication/Writing Lab 3/1 q.h.
CMN 6020 Ethical Issues in Organizational Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6050 Crisis Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6090 Organizational Culture, Climate, and Communication 3 q.h.
CMN 6110 Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Conflict: Meeting Management 3 q.h.


Project Management Concentration

PJM 5900 Foundations of Project Management* 4 q.h.
PJM 6000 Project Management Practices 3 q.h.
PJM 6025 Project Scheduling and Cost Planning 3 q.h.
PJM 6015 Risk Management 3 q.h.

 Choose two** of the following courses:

PJM 6125 Project Evaluation and Assessment 3 q.h.
PJM 6135 Project Quality Management 3 q.h.
PJM 6140 Managing Troubled Projects 3 q.h.
PJM 6705 Portfolio Management  3 q.h. 

*This course is required for students who do not have at least two years of professional experience working on projects. This course is only intended for those who are not familiar with professional project work. Students with two years or more of professional project experience should not take this course.

**Students who take PJM 5900 are only required to take one course within this section.

Social Media and Online Communities Concentration (online only)

Choose five of the following courses:

CMN 6015 Introduction to the Digital Era: The Power of Social Media 3 q.h.
CMN 6025 Digital Era Skills: Platforms, Tools, and Techniques 3 q.h.
CMN 6035 Legal, Policy, and Ethical Issues in the Digital Era 3 q.h.
CMN 6045 Leveraging New Digital Technologies: Strategy, Assessment, and Governance 3 q.h.
CMN 6055 Planning and Design of Social Media Channels and Online Communities 3 q.h.
CMN 6065 Implementation and Management of Social Media Channels and Online Communities 3 q.h.
DGM 6285 Interactive Marketing Fundamentals 4 q.h.
DGM 6290 Social Media and Brand Strategy Implementation 4 q.h.


Sports and Social Change Concentration

LDR 6410 Leadership and Organization in Sport 3 q.h.
GST 6102 Global Corporate and Social Responsibility 4 q.h.
HSV 6120 Social Inequality, Social Change and Community Building 3 q.h.
LDR 6360 Dynamics of Change at the Community and Social Level 3 q.h.
LDR 6427 Gender and Diversity in Sport 3 q.h.


Total Quarter Hours: 45-47

If you enrolled before Fall 2012, contact your student success specialist for your curriculum.

Quick Info

  • 45 Quarter Hours
  • $29,070.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2016-2017 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 1 year
    Part-time years to completion: 2 years