Master of Science Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industries

Total Quarter Hours: 47

Required Core Courses (23 q.h.)

RFA 6100 Introduction to Regulatory Affairs of Food and Food Industries 3 q.h.
RFA 6110 From Farm to Family Table: Understanding the Food Regulatory Life Cycle 3 q.h.
RFA 6120 Economic and Social Aspects of Food 3 q.h.
RFA 6130 Food Law in the United States 3 q.h.
RFA 6140 Managing Projects in Food Regulatory Affairs: Practical Considerations 3 q.h.
RFA 6200 Comparing U.S. Regulatory Systems and Agencies 4 q.h. 
RFA 6205  Key Submissions for Food Regulatory Affairs 4 q.h. 

Elective Courses

Regulatory Processes (8 q.h.)

Choose two regulatory process elective courses:

RFA 6210 Food Safety and Modernization 4 q.h.
RFA 6215 Risk Analysis and Hazard Analysis in the Food Industry 4 q.h.
RFA 6220 Food Safety and Surveillance: Concepts and Applications 4 q.h.
RFA 6225 Introduction to Food Science 4 q.h.
RFA 6230 The Scientific, Social, and Commercial Aspects of Genetically Modified Foods

4 q.h.
RFA 6235 Regulatory Differences and Similarities: An International Investigation 4 q.h.

Business and Marketing (8 q.h.)

Choose 8 quarter hours:

RFA 6310 Food Across International Borders: The International Food Trade 4 q.h.
RFA 6315 From Farm to Dinner Table: The Industrialization and Commercialization of Food  4 q.h.
RFA 6350 Political, Social, and Economic Influences on Food Law, Regulation, and Policy  4 q.h. 
NTR 6155 Nutrition Entrepreneurship   3 q.h. +
1 q.h. project
NTR 6165 Food and Society  4 q.h.

 May only fulfill one of the two electives:

COP 6940 Co-op: Personal and Career Development 3 q.h.
INT 6943 Integrative Experiential Learning  3 q.h.


International Food Regulations (8 q.h.)

Choose 8 quarter hours:

RFA 6410 Food and the North American Free Trade Agreement 4 q.h.
RFA 6415 Food Safety and Surveillance in Asia  4 q.h.
RFA 6420 Between Science and Governments: Food Regulations in the European Union 4 q.h.
RFA 6425 Food Laws in Latin America  4 q.h.
RFA 6430 Food Safety and Commercialization in Emerging Economies  4 q.h.
GST 6350 Global Economics of Food and Agriculture  4 q.h.


Total Quarter Hours: 47  


Quick Info

  • 47 Quarter Hours
  • $29,704.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2015-2016 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 2 years
    Part-time years to completion: 3 years