This comprehensive Bachelor of Science in Sociology online program reveals how social groups, customs, and belief systems work together to shape human behavior. It examines essential concepts in anthropology, history, the humanities, and social theory, along with developing the qualitative and quantitative skills needed to conduct, analyze and present original sociological research.

Working entirely online, students will acquire a full understanding of the principles and theories of sociology as well as applied knowledge and techniques. The program culminates with a senior research seminar or project on a specific subject determined by each student in conjunction with faculty.

With all courses, assignments, and projects executed via the Internet, this innovative online program is excellent preparation for a sociology-related career. It also offers a strong base of knowledge for students considering careers or further study in related fields such as law, education, or social work.

We have suspended new enrollments to the Bachelor of Science in Sociology program and are no longer accepting applications for admission.

If you are a student enrolled in this program, our advising staff will work with you to complete all coursework.