Bachelor of Science Political Science Online

Core Curriculum (33 q.h.)

We require all bachelor's degree students to complete required core curriculum, allowing you to gain insight into disciplines other than your field of study.

Foundation Courses (36 q.h.)

Complete one of the following courses:

HST 1001 The Civilization of the Ancient & Medieval World 3 q.h.
HST 1002 The Civilization of the Early Modern World 3 q.h.
HST 1003 The Civilization of the Modern World 3 q.h.

Complete twenty-one credits of Humanities electives from the following prefixes:

ART, CMN, ENG, JRN, PHL, TCC, or a modern foreign language 21 q.h.

Complete nine credits of Social Science electives from the following prefixes:

CJS, ECN, HST, POL, PSY 9 q.h.

Complete three credits of Math-Science electives from the following prefixes:

BIO, BTC, CHM, ESC, MTH, PHY   3 q.h.

Major Courses (57 q.h.)

Complete all of the following courses:

ECN 2001 Statistics 1    3 q.h.
ECN 2002 Statistics 2 3 q.h.
POL 1001 Introduction to Politics 3 q.h.
POL 1250 Introduction to American Government 3 q.h.
POL 1370 Introduction to Comparative Politics 3 q.h.
POL 2400 International Relations 3 q.h.
POL 3003 Introduction to Political Theory 3 q.h.
SOC 3631 Research Methods: Generating and Investigating Research Problems 3 q.h.
POL 4950 Senior Research Seminar/Project 3 q.h.

Complete three of the following courses:

POL 3100 American Political Thought 3 q.h.
POL 3110 Political Parties and Pressure Groups 3 q.h.
POL 3115 State and Local Government 3 q.h.
POL 3125 The Congress 3 q.h.
POL 3130 American Constitutional Law 3 q.h.
POL 3235 Criminal and Civil Due Process 3 q.h.

Complete three of the following courses:

POL 2500 Comparative Politics 3 q.h.
POL 2805 International Organizations 3 q.h.
POL 2840 American Foreign Policy 3 q.h.
POL 2515 Africa Today 3 q.h.
POL 2520 Government and Politics in the Middle East 3 q.h.

Complete twelve credits of Political Science electives:

POL 12 q.h.

Non-Business Electives (11 q.h.)

Open Electives (23 q.h.)


Total Quarter Hours: 160

Quick Info

  • 160 Quarter Hours
  • $60,480.00 total tuition
    (Based on 2016-2017 tuition rate)
  • Full-time years to completion: 4 years
    Part-time years to completion: 7 years