Our Students

  • "The courses I've taken at Northeastern have reminded me how important it is to think critically when making important decisions both in business and our personal lives"

    Wayne S., Master of Science in Leadership


  • "The online platform has allowed me to earn my master's degree all while caring for my family as a single parent. I find the courses challenging, fulfilling, and manageable."

    Liz P., Master of Science


  • "The collaborative format of the online classes have helped me wrap my mind around some of the more difficult material."

    Brian S., Master of Science in Project Management


  • "Online study is perfect for individuals with a demanding life schedule."

    Sean F., Bachelor of Science in Management


  • "Northeastern's online courses have allowed me to further my education without having to compromise my time."

    Sarah A., Master of Education, Higher Education Administration Specialization


  • "Northeastern's online format has allowed me to concentrate on my education learning experience rather than worry about juggling a busy schedule."

    John S., Bachelor of Science in Public Affairs


Online Experience

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About Us

We're located in Boston, Massachusetts, but our students are from all over the world. Earn the same degree you would on campus but from home.