Data Administration

Mission Statement

The Office of Data Administration, a unit within the Institutional Research Department, provides leadership in the management of institutional data with regard to data policy, governance, access, integration, standards, and quality enabling the University community to make information-based decisions.



The Data Administration Unit will serve to: 

  • Facilitate and oversee data governance structure to ensure quality and integrity of University data assets.
  • Maximize the value received from data assets by increasing the understanding and use of the data, implementing and maintaining a customized ODS Electronic Data Dictionary, and providing training on data usage and reporting tools.
  • Improve data management techniques by promoting data consistency, security and standardization throughout the University.
  • Increase data sharing by providing a reliable and secure technical environment for hosting data and improving direct access to data by end-users via reporting tools.


Key Objectives

Key objectives of Data Administration include:

  • Build a framework for accurately capturing, sharing, distributing, securing and leveraging the institution's data resources.
  • Ensure customers have access to high quality information when required and promote their self-reliance in its use for effective business decisions.
  • Support effective and efficient business processes in partnership with other institutional units via Data Governance model.
  • Identify ownership and accountability for enterprise information, serving as mentors to data stewards.
  • Design sharable models of data and recommend access methods for using this data.
  • Ensure that information needs and business rules are in compliance with policies and standards.
  • Participate in evaluating new technologies to ensure the continuity and advancement of data management and availability.