Moving In

September 1st is a very busy day in Boston, as most leases begin on this date. Moving vans and delivery trucks clog the streets as thousands of people move into apartments. Landlords and management companies are aware of this as well, and may let you move in a few days early, if the apartment is available. You might also consider holding off your move for a few days to allow the crowds to clear.

In any move-in process, trash is inevitable, but please be mindful of the amount of waste you produce with respect to the health and safety of your community. For information on the City of Boston's Recycling and Sanitation Services click here.

Inspect your apartment to confirm that repairs have been made. Use our Apartment Condition Checklist to assist you and your landlord in identifying any damage that already exists in the apartment. Don't move into an unsafe or unsanitary apartment - contact your landlord immediately, or the Mayor's Hotline at 1-617-635-4500 for serious situations.


Make arrangements for your utilities.

  • Phone
  • Electric 
  • Gas
  • Cable 
  • Internet access

Moving Out

  • Provide 30 days' notice to your landlord/landlady.
  • Conduct a joint inspection with your landlord/landlady to discuss damages or lack thereof. Consult the Apartment Condition Checklist you completed when moving in.
  • Complete a Change of Address form, available from your local post office.
  • Secure a copy of "Tenant Rights and Responsibilities" for more information.