Software Suggestions

Please note: We regret that we cannot officially support any desktop software. Please see the developer’s documentation and website for assistance with these applications.

Course Development

Program Availability Platforms Descriptions
Blackboard Windows, Mac

Image Editors

Program Availability Platforms Descriptions
Adobe Photoshop NUnet Windows, Mac The industry standard for creating and manipulating Web images.
G.I.M.P. Freeware Windows, Mac GNU Image Manipulation Program. A lot like photoshop, but FREE.
IrfanView Freeware Windows only A basic image viewer/editor for Windows users.
GraphicConverter Shareware OS X only A basic image viewer/editor for Mac users.

Secure FTP Software

Program Availability Platforms Descriptions
SSH Secure Shell Client Free for Non- Commercial Use Windows only Secure Shell and SFTP client. Preferred choice for FTPing information to and from NU servers on windows machines.
FileZilla Freeware. Windows, OS X, and Linux A graphical FTP/SFTP client which includes drag-and-drop capability.

File Compression

Program Availability Platforms Descriptions
use the program that is built into your computer already on your computer Windows, Mac You can right+click, or control+click on a Mac, and your contextual menu has an option for compressing files.
Windows: choose “Send to:” and you should see compressed “zipped” archive as an option.
OS X: choose compress [file name]
Stuffit Shareware Windows, Mac, more. Good all around compression tool, you can get “free” expanders, but the compressor costs a minimal amount.
WinZip NUnet, Freeware Windows only Standard file compression & decompression software for Windows users.
MacZip Freeware Mac only File compression/decompression software for Mac users. In OS X (10.3 and up) you also can control+click and create zip archives.

HTML Editors

What’s out there is always changing, for a much longer list see:, but these are our suggestions.

Program Availability Platforms Type Descriptions
Macromedia Dreamweaver NUnet Windows, Mac WYSIWYG Full-featured HTML editor; the industry standard for Web page development.
HTML Kit Freeware Windows only “hand-code” (non-WYSIWYG) Nice HTML editor, with various bells and whistles (such as a “preview” mode similar to a WYSIWYG HTML editor). Requires a little getting used to, but offers lots of options.
Note Tab Lite Freeware Windows only “hand-code” (non-WYSIWYG Nice “update” to notepad. Simple to use, with menus to help you write code.
BBEdit Commercial Mac only “hand-code” (non-WYSIWYG Great HTML and text editing tool. Worth every penny. There is a “lite version” but it’s no longer being updated, so it doesn’t have all the features of the newest BBEdit – see below.
SEEdit Maxi Freeware Mac only “hand-code” (non-WYSIWYG Free HTML and text editing too. It’s not drag and drop WYSIWYG, but it’s great as a “hand-coding” tool.
TextEdit Installed with Mac OS X Mac only “hand-code” (non-WYSIWYG This tool *will* let you type html into it… you need to change a couple of setting in the preferences however.
1) New Document Attributes: Plain Text
2) Rich Text Processing: Ignore rich text commands in HTML documents AND RTF documents too, and then you’ll see your HTML tags.

Virus Protection

Program Availability Platforms Descriptions
Norton Anti-Virus Free of Charge for NU community from InfoCommons. Windows, Mac Norton Anti-Virus is offered/recommended from IS to help protect your from virus’ and other unwelcomed things you might “contract” from the internet. Faculty may obtain the software by contacting the IS Help Line at x4357. Students may also obtain the CD from the ResNet Resource Center.