NU Web Hosting

The NUWeb Server is one of Northeastern University’s web hosting solutions. It is a free service for all sites with a domain.


All full-time NU faculty and staff members are eligible to publish an individual home page, coursework, or a home page for your college or department.

Student groups are eligible to publish information pertaining to their student group. The group’s faculty adviser must apply for a student group account and will act as that group’s administrative contact.

Part-time and adjunct faculty members are eligible to publish materials pertaining to the course(s) they teach at NU. Part-time and adjunct faculty will be asked to have someone from their department verify their status.

ALL NUWeb accounts are active for one year only and must be renewed on an annual basis. Please see Renew My Account section for more information.


The following policies govern development for the Web at Northeastern University:

  • DO NOT publish, collect, or store:
    • Individually-identifiable information such as Social Security Numbers, dates of birth, or any other information that can be used to uniquely identify an individual.
    • Financial information (account numbers, credit card numbers, account balances, PIN codes, challenge questions/answers)
    • Confidential or sensitive information of any description (Unless protected by access controls that limit access only to properly authorized individuals.)
  • Web Publishing Agreement
  • Appropriate Use of Northeastern University’s Computer and Network Resources

If there is a need to collect or use any of the above data, please contact:

  • University Advancement for gift collecting or fund raising
  • Controller’s Office for general fund collections
  • Registrar for student identities
  • If unsure, contact the the ITS Security Office at


ITS provides web hosting, disk space, backup, and bandwidth.

ITS does not provide web development services. See Website Options for information about web development options at Northeastern University.

Website owners are responsible for maintaining any software developed or installed on their site. If, for example, you request a WordPress installation, we will install the latest version for you, but you will then be responsible for initiating future updates.

Website owners are responsible for keeping their software versions and security patches up-to-date. If your site is compromised, we will notify the site owner and password-protect the site to prevent further exploits.