How can I add a blog to my website?

If you have a NUWeb account you can request a WordPress installation from the Account Add Ons link in the sidebar.

How can I add a discussion board to my website?

The simplest way is to use bbPress, a bulletin board plugin developed by the makers of WordPress. If you don’t already have a WordPress instance for your website, you can request it from the Account Add Ons link in the sidebar.

I have a website but I need a space to host it. How do I request server space?

You can request server space by filling out the Request An Account form. Please contact webgroup@neu.edu for more information.

I’m a faculty member and I would like to develop a website for my research center. Who can assist me?

We can provide a pre-designed WordPress template. You will responsible for adding the content to the site. To request a Northeastern WordPress template please contact webgroup@neu.edu.

I need to create a website for my student group. Who do I contact?

Student groups can use involveNU to develop websites. For more information contact the Student Activities office at 617-373-2642 or visit the Student Activities website.

I need to create a website for a conference my department is hosting. Who do I contact?

You can request a WordPress site by filling out the request an account form and selecting “WordPress installation” as an add-on. Once the site has been set up, you can change the theme and add content to the site.

How do I add a form to my website?

You can use Google Docs to create a form. After the form has been created you can embed the form within your webpage.

If you would like to add a form to your WordPress website you also have the option of using a WordPress plugin. Contact Form 7 is an excellent plugin that allows you to easily create and embed a form on your webpage. Learn more about Contact Form 7 ».

Where do I find Northeastern University Web Guidelines, Logos, Lockups, and Wordmarks?

This information is available from the Marketing and Communications website.  To download Logos you might have a valid Northeastern University login id.