Northeastern University Student Health Plan (NUSHP)


Northeastern University’s student health plan (NUSHP)1, administered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts provides comprehensive health benefits at a very affordable rate.

Here is a link to the 2014-2015 Blue Cross NU Student Health Plan Resource Center. The NUSHP Blue Care Elect Preferred (PPO) Summary of Benefits for 2013-2014 is available in PDF format here.

Students are automatically enrolled and billed for this plan by Northeastern University; if you prefer not to take this plan, you must complete the waiver by the deadlines listed here. The waiver form is available through the MyNEU portal.

2014-2015 plan cost for undergraduates is $2159 annually. Details are available on effective dates and cost. Call NU Student Accounts at 617.373.2270 for questions about your university bill for the student plan. 

Please email our Student Health Plan Manager at nushp@neu.edu with questions regarding details of the student plan or refer to www.bluecrossma.com/nushp. Claims and questions involving other insurance plans should be directed to the customer service department at that insurance company. The phone number is located on your insurance card.

Be advised that you may be eligible for coverage under a group health plan of a parent’s employer or under a parent’s individual health insurance policy if you are under the age of 26. Contact the plan administrator of the parent’s employer plan or the parent’s individual health insurance issuer for more information.

Self-funded student health plans, such as the NUSHP, are not subject to regulation under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). NUSHP is voluntarily including in its program benefits that are designed to meet or exceed requirements that would otherwise apply to fully insured student health insurance programs.

1 Learn more about the terms and conditions of the Northesatern University Student Health Plan.

Nothing in this communication may be construed to constitute a promise of benefits from Northeastern University's Student Health Plan. Only Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts can provide a pre-determination of benefits.