General Meeting (10/22/2015) Analytical Art Investigator– Dr. Daniel Kirby, an analytical art investigator, joined us to inform us of a new avenue to pursue with a chemistry degree. In his work, he analyzes modern organic pigments that artists use, along with using bioanalytical measurements to characterize protein material from historical artifacts.

General Meeting (10/15/2015) Inaugural Journal Club– Members showed up discuss Escape From Flatland: Increasing Saturation as an Approach to Clinical Success (J. Med. Chem.). One of the E-Board members presented on general scientific article reading techniques and strategies, as well as where to find good sources to keep up with relevant literature. Groups of students then discussed the article, its significance and impact, its relation to their current classwork, and its connection to green chemistry practices.

General Meeting (10/8/2015) Forensic Toxicology– Ms. Botch-Jones, a forensic toxicologist currently a full time facility member at the Biomedical Forensic Sciences Program at Boston University, gave an informational talk about her career path of forensic toxicology. She spoke on a range of topics from her work in the FAA’s Bioaeronautical Sciences Research Laboratory at the Civil Aerospace Medical Institute to her time working for the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office in Fort Worth, Texas, her short lived career aspirations to be a psychologist and her current position at Boston University. She took numerous questions from the group and stayed after the meeting to answer one-on-one questions from many members. 


General Meeting (10/1/2015) Northeastern BATL Facilities– Dr. Jared Auclair, from the Biopharmaceutical Analysis Training Lab (BATL), shared information about these facilities owned by our university that many of us were not even aware existed. BATL is an industry-academia partnership for the training of researches in techniques to do in-tact protein mass spec. Dr. Auclair was able to give a run down of that technique, also demonstrated its use, and explained the importance of it in regard to biosimilar drugs. He also was able to share his current research into ALS drug target identification using the technique.Dr. Auclair also advertised graduate level courses in protein mass spec that he teaches and would be open to having our members enroll.


General Meeting (9/24/2015) Dialogue Poster Session– This weekly meeting included poster presentations that fellow students made on the inaugural chemistry dialogue. The Chemistry dialogue was a five week study aboard programs where students visited Ireland, England, and Switzerland. Students toured pharmaceutical sites in each country while also taking an adapted Organic Chemistry 3 course dealing with medicinal chemistry. As part of the program students prepared posters on proposed improvements to a number of currently on the market pharmaceuticals.

dialogue poster session

General Meeting (9/17/2015) WikiFoods– Dr. Marty Kolewe from Wikifoods spoke at our meeting about creating edible packaging and working at a small start-up company. He spoke about the creative process of working in a food lab, how testing the food products works, and the different products they makes such as frozen yogurt balls. He also discussed trying to make the products nutritious and good to sell on the market. Students who came were very engaged as they got to try the frozen yogurt product. Green chemistry principles can be applied when considering the chemistry performed and the goals of sustainability in place.


Department Welcome Dinner 2015– The first NUSAACS meeting of the semester, a special catered dinner meant to welcome new Freshmen to Northeastern Chemistry and NUSAACS, as well as welcome back old returning members, kicked off the start of our academic year. Members got acclimated to the club and got to know other chemistry majors. Mentors had the chance to bond with and get to know their mentees more, as well as check up on how the first week of classes had gone.

College of Science Welcome Week Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Event 2015– Members from our student chapter volunteered to help work at a liquid nitrogen ice cream social for the College of Science. They helped explain the chemistry and how it works along with having fun with members of the group.

liquid nitrogen ice cream 15

Fall 2015 Mentor/Mentee Matching– Incoming freshmen and transfer students were placed into groups of about three new students and two to three upperclassmen students. The goal of the program is to provide new students with upperclassmen in their major who can provide them with guidance and help transitioning to college. We played a jeopardy game about Boston, Northeastern University, and chemistry with each mentor/mentee group competing and then each group separated and the upperclassmen students showed the new students where their classes would be. The mentors are encouraged to meet with their group every few weeks and to continue to provide support and friendship throughout the semester.

mentor matching

Summer 2015 Orientation Sessions– NUSAACS members were present for three separate orientation sessions throughout the summer, welcoming the new students to our organization. We handed out surveys that would help us in pairing mentees to their new mentors in the fall. We also answered any and all questions about college.  A huge part of our student chapter is making everyone feel included and wanted and orientations are the perfect way to introduce the incoming students to this environment while helping our department to guide students academically with our advice.

orientations 15