TOM:Boston​ ​at​ ​The​ ​Ruderman​ ​Inclusion​ ​Summit

In conjunction with the Ruderman Family Foundation and TOM (Tikkum Olam Makers), the Nurse Innovation & Entrepreneurship Program of Northeastern University is happy to announce a second MakeAthon in the works!

What is a Makeathon?

Between 6 and 10 teams comprised of engineers, designers, artists, people with disabilities and more will compete to design and prototype solutions to everyday problems experienced by people with disabilities.. Each product will be presented on Monday, November 20th to a panel of judges.

When there’s judges…there’s prizes.
Prizes to be announced

In attendance will be some of the biggest names funding the creation of products for those with physical disabilities. This Makeathon is a huge networking opportunity for all who attend.

The best part?
The Cost of Admission is Free


Waleed Meleis PhD, MS, BSE

Waleed Meleis PhD, MS, BSE

Associate Professor and Associate Chair in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern University
Gabor Bethlendy MSW, BS

Gabor Bethlendy MSW, BS

CEO & Founder, Meenta

Gabor has 20 years of business expertise in the area of genomics and diagnostics spanning some of the best companies...


Seaport World Trade Center & Seaport Hotel
200 Seaport Boulevard
Boston, MA 02210
Attendance is free but all attendees must preregister.