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Our Story

In June 2016, the Northeastern School of Nursing hosted its first Nurse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit & Hackathon. The three-day event attracted hundreds of attendees from around the country. Nurses of all disciplines participated in an event unlike anything they had experienced before.

The resulting outpour of positive feedback made the message clear: Nursing Innovation and Entrepreneurship was much greater than a single event. The opportunity for nurses to engage at the forefront of healthcare innovation was essential—and essentially untapped.

From this, Dean Nancy Hanrahan created an official directive at Northeastern School of Nursing to foster innovation and entrepreneurship. She has since launched a lineup of events to engage with nurses at every level of development.

Our Mission

Our mission is clear: to advance nurses to the forefront of healthcare innovation and entrepreneurship.

We are tackling the major issues in our nation’s healthcare head on. Nurses and nurse practitioners are the natural innovators of the healthcare industry. With that in mind, the Nursing Innovation & Entrepreneurship (NIE) program aims to redefine nurse education by incorporating skills in business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

In doing so, the NIE program offers a nurse leadership and entrepreneurship certificate designed for mid-career nurses. In addition, the NIE program hosts a range of informative and collaborative events, such as the upcoming 2017 Innovation Summit.

Moreover, our program supports health care initiatives through various efforts, such as matching applicants from other disciplines with focus groups of nurses to review products and proposals. Accordingly, our Reconnaissance Club—a nursing student entrepreneurship club that gathers nursing, design, engineering and business students from Northeastern—seeks to promote innovative solutions to our healthcare system’s most pressing problems.

Why Us?

The healthcare system continues to evolve at breakneck speeds, thus requiring those with insider knowledge of its processes to work quickly to correct its missteps and redesign for the future. As a result, nurses and nurse practitioners have the potential to change the healthcare landscape and unearth new opportunity for establishing themselves as leaders in the industry—all the while invigorating the economy and advancing patient care. Northeastern University is already known for its real-world application of learning, making this opportunity the first of its kind for healthcare professionals. What we need are philanthropically-minded investors to grow this program to its full potential and the intelligent, dedicated nurse and nurse practitioners to manifest its progress.


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Brant Cooper

Brant Cooper

NYT Bestselling author of The Lean Entrepreneur and Co-founder of Moves the Needle
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Dr Marybeth Pompei

Senior Vice President and Chief Clinical Scientist, Exergen Corporation
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Tim Simard



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