Teaching with NU Online

This page contains information on 2×2 Readiness, Quality Count Reviews, the NU Online Best Practices Guide on online teaching and learning, and a look at the different NU Online course formats.

Readiness & Quality Count Reviews

The 2×2 Rule 

NU Online conducts recommends that instructors have the first 2 weeks of your course ready 2 weeks prior to the start of the term (2×2 Rule). The NU Online instructional design team conducts Readiness Checks based on this rule.

What course materials do I need to have ready for review?


Course Prep Checklist

Quality Count Review

Quality Count reviews take place during Weeks 2 and 3 of the term. The goal of the Quality Count review is to encourage instructor excellence and identify areas where instructional designers can help instructors enhance their course.  The review uses a rubric that looks at: Course Basics, Course Organization, Instructional Materials, Learner Interaction and Engagement, Assessments and Measurements, and Accessibility.
For more information on preparing your course, go to the Readiness & Quality Count Reviews page. 

Best Practices Guide


Teaching Online: The Northeastern University Online Best Practices Guide is a resource for faculty & staff in designing and delivering effective online course materials.  The guide details best practices for teaching, learning, and designing your online course based on evidence-based research. You’ll also find information on building effective multimedia lectures, using rubrics, a glossary of NU Online frequently used terms, and more.


To read and download the Best Practices Guide, click on the thumbnail graphic or visit the NU Online Best Practices Guide page.


Collaboration Online: Using the Discussion Board, Blogs, Wikis, Journals