Visual Literacy
NU Online’s resident expert on visual design and visual literacy is instructional designer, Donna DiGiovanni. In this set of videos, Donna presents the concept of visual literacy, discusses why it’s important in the world of online education, and provides practical tips on how you can apply the principles of visual literacy to your online lectures.
Visual Literacy for Online Education- Module 1: The Fundamentals (11:59)
Donna presents the ideas and concepts behind visual literacy and visual gestalt principles. She explains how we view and interpret visual information and discusses why they’re important in online education.

Visual Literacy for Online Education- Module 2: Application (10:04)

Donna answers the question: ‘What does this mean to me? I’m not a graphic designer.’ She discusses ways in which you can incorporate and apply the principles in order to develop visually rich and engaging online lectures. At the end of the video, Donna provides a ‘Checklist for Effective Online Lectures’.


Design_Tips for Online Lectures