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About Us

The Academic Quality Assurance (AQA) team works with all CPS academic programs to facilitate the planning and implementation of an ongoing cycle of review, assessment, and improvement. Our goal is to foster a culture of continual improvement and data-based decision making. We are committed to the demonstration of student learning through the management of the assessment cycle, the dissemination of good assessment practices, and support for CPS faculty and administrators with the use of student learning assessment to guide planning and program development.

The College of Professional Studies is committed to providing the highest level of academic quality and excellence to prepare our students with real-world experience by implementing a regular process of academic program review to ensure the quality and rigor of CPS coursework.


Internally:  Annual Academic Program Review

InternallyAQA oversees an annual academic program review that includes a systematic, consistent, and standardized set of documentation. Annual reports help to:

  • Support the completion of program goals;
  • Provide faculty with current data for decision-making and planning;
  • Steadily improve and document improvements across time;
  • Reinforce best practices;
  • Highlight those areas that are doing exceedingly well;
  • Translate successes to other programs in meeting the mission of CPS.

Externally: Accreditation

ExternallyAQA assists with the regulatory and compliance of CPS academic programs with regional and program specific accreditation agencies, as well as federal regulatory authorities including NEASC. Regional and programmatic accreditation processes across varying cycles are critical for demonstrating standards, identifying areas for improvement, and communicating meaningful information for accountability.


Mamta Saxena, Director, Assessment  (m.saxena@northeastern.edu)

Melanie Kasparian, Associate Director, Assessment (m.kasparian@northeastern.edu)