This page guides you through the process of setting up an Examity proctored test in Blackboard and includes resources you can provide to your students.

Getting Started with Examity:
  1. First, make sure you have included information about online proctoring in your syllabus: Syllabus_Examity_Statement_NEU.
  2. Use this process to create your exam: Create an Electronic Assessment (Test or Survey)
  3. In Blackboard, in the left-hand navigational panel, go to Control Panel>Customization>Tool Availability> and make sure that “ExamityNortheasternSSO” is checked and Click “Submit.”
  4. Your course must be available to students in order for Examity to access the exam settings and the folder in which the exam resides must also be available to students, so this is best done after term start. To access Examity, click on Tools in the left navigational panel, then choose Examity. For Examity to link to your mid-term/final, all you need is the exam shell, availability settings, and password.
    1. Examity test settings
      Then you can just update your exam with questions any time prior to the mid-term/final. Do not give the password to the students. The test must be in a folder that is available and must have the availability (date-time exam is available set). This allows Examity to set the sign up window for students.
  5. Contact our Examity Faculty Rep whenever you set up an exam and the course is available to students . Brooke Poulin is our Faculty Support contact at Examity. Her email is bpoulin@examity.com. She can help you set up your exam.
  6. Review the Blackboard_Instructor_Quick_Guide for setting up your Blackboard exam with Examity. This allows students to register to take the exam.
  7. Be sure to create assignments in your course to prompt students to:
    • create their Examity profile
    • check the speed of their internet connection — if students find that their connectivity is slow, they can contact Examity support for tips that will help them on exam day
    • schedule their exam (Use the Blackboard-Examity Instructor_toolkit document as a guide to communicating these steps to your students).

7.  In some cases, only some students may have permission to take the test online with the online proctoring service, you will need to adaptively release the folder with the test and student support materials. Follow these instructions: Set Adaptive Release for a Test, Folder (scenario 3)  (doc)

Best Practices:

Remember, a student will need to complete the registration process through Examity before taking their first exam. Please remind students and allow sufficient time for this prior to the exam. This will also allow them to test their system.

Recommend to students that if connection/speed is an issue, they may want to use a wired connection instead of wi-fi.

Exam scheduling: Don’t schedule the final exam until 11:59 on the last day of classes in case there are issues. Consider leaving a buffer at least two/three days till the end of the term for makeup time in case problems happen to arise.

Exam availability: Your exam must be both made available to students, and in a folder that is available to them as well for Examity to import the information. The exam must have availability settings on, it but the folder must be open or available. We recommend that you set up a separate folder for your midterm/final exams to ensure access.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure that students will be able to access test feedback, please add an instruction to your exam setup requesting that proctors explicitly request students to close out of the browser/page of Blackboard.

For tests in which students are allowed to use their books: if students are using e-books, they should either download their e-book to their computer OR use their browser to view the e-book. However, this must be written in the exam instructions for the proctor.

Student Resources:

Here are some materials that will help students through the Examity registration process. You can link to these resources in your course.

Support for Instructors:
Examity: Brooke Poulin is our Faculty Support contact at Examity. Her email is: bpoulin@examity.com.

If you need to reach Examity technical support:
• Call 855-Examity (855-392-6489), Option 1
• Or send an email to support@examity.com.

Northeastern University Online Technical Help
Get immediate 24/7 technical support by calling 617-373-4357 or email help@northeastern.edu.