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Kaltura is a powerful video sharing service that works directly in Blackboard. This tool will allow you to upload videos, capture your screen/lectures/instructor perspective and record from your webcam. The Kaltura video player is very robust and will allow your media to be easily viewed on all major browsers and on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

Note: Chrome browser users, please read the following before recording: Kaltura Screen Recorder in Google Chrome Version 42

Watch the video below to see:

  • How is Kaltura used with Camtasia Relay? What’s the difference between Camtasia Relay and Kaltura?
  • What are the benefits of using Kaltura?
  • How might you use Kaltura in your course?

Download a printable pdf: Using the Kaltura Media Server at NU Online

Cost: free


  • Adding video in Course Material ( document )
  • Upload a video ( document )
  • Record a Camtasia Relay Presentation and Upload to Kaltura (document)
  • Adding video to the course homepage with ‘Course Gallery’ ( document )
  • Organizing your videos with My Media ( document )
  • Record from your Webcam ( document )
  • Record from your Webcam through Kaltura Mashups (document, video)
  • Record your screen ( document , tips and tricks )
  • Course Media Reports (document)
  • Recording with Kaltura and Posting to the Discussion Board (A good resource for student introductions) (video)



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