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Kaltura is a powerful video sharing service that works directly in Blackboard and will allow you to upload videos, capture your screen/lectures/instructor perspective and record from your webcam. The Kaltura video player is very robust and will allow your media to be easily viewed on all major browsers and on an iPad, iPhone, or Android device.

What’s New? 

Faculty can now request automatic captioning for their Kaltura videos.  The Ordering Captions Instructor Guide provides step-by-step assistance on how to order captions.  For more information and answers to FAQs about captioning, read the Requesting Captions FAQ article.

Kaltura’s CaptureSpace Lite is a robust desktop recorder tool that enables users to record voice, video, and screen, and offers advanced live video editing features such as trimming and drawing. CaptureSpace Lite is integrated with Blackboard, allowing users to upload recorded content to their My Media page, which can then be added as a content item to any assignment or discussion board post.

The upgraded Kaltura media server now features:

  • Video editing- Edit and trim your video content
  • My Media- All of your recorded media now centralized in one area, whether added through Tools menu or Mashups
  • Easier video uploading- Upload existing videos from your desktop
  • Webcam recording- Create welcome messages, introductions, assignment instructions
  • CaptureSpace Lite (new)- Record your desktop or webcam to create lectures and presentations


The following Kaltura how-to articles can also be found on the Blackboard support portal.

      • First Time User Guide for CaptureSpace Lite
      • CaptureSpace Lite User Guide  (for instructors and students)
      • Upload existing media into your course (document)
      • Record from webcam (document)
      • Record your desktop/screen (document) A good resource to post for students
      • Create video clips/trim video (document)
      • Request captions for your recorded video (document)
      • Use My Media Repository (document)
      • Add Kaltura Media to Your Course (document)
      • View Media Gallery Analytics in Kaltura (formerly Course Media Reports) (document)
      • Use Course Media Gallery/Featured Media Gallery in Kaltura (document)
      • Record a Camtasia Relay Presentation and Upload to Kaltura (document)** UPDATE: Please be advised that Camtasia Relay will no longer be available as of July 15, 2016 as we transition to Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite. 

For more information, visit the Kaltura University tutorial site


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