Blackboard How-To Guides

This page houses the entire library of How-To’s for Blackboard.
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 Please note, these guides are all available on the BB Support Portal page.  



      • Accessibility Improvements (doc | video)
      • Accessibility Features (doc)
      • Getting Started with Creating Accessible Content (doc)
      • Add Descriptive Text for Hyperlinks (doc)
      • Creating a PDF from a Microsoft Word Document (doc)
      • Creating a PDF with Notes from a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (doc)
      • Create Test Availability Exceptions (doc)
      • Quick Links (doc  | video)

Announcements and Calendar

Assignments and Assessments

      • Create an Electronic Assignment (doc)
      • Edit and Manage Assignments (doc)
      • Assignment Grade Settings (doc)
      • Allowing Multiple Assignment Attempts (doc)
      • Self and Peer Assessments (doc)
      • Grade Assignments – Comprehensive  (doc | video)
      • Inline Grading Overview (doc | video)
      • Create an Electronic Assessment (Test or Survey) (doc | video)
      • Using the Pool Canvas to Create a Test Question Pool (doc and video)
      • Export/Import a Test, Survey, Pool to Another Course (doc | video)
      • Create a Test with a Random Block of Questions (doc | video
      • Edit a Random Block of Questions (doc
      • Recalculate an Assessment Grade (See ‘Grade Center’ section for tutorials)
      • Reset a Student Test Attempt (doc | video)
      • Reuse Test Questions (doc)
      • Set Adaptive Release for a Test or a Folder (doc)
      • Test Access log (doc)
      • Use Images in Assessment Questions (doc| video )
      • View Test Statistics (doc)
      • Create Test Availability Exceptions (doc)



Blackboard Collaborate and Blackboard Collaborate Voice Tools 


      • Collaborate Web conferencing tutorials and guides: Blackboard Collaborate
      • Collaborate Building Block (Launcher) (doc)
      • Voice Authoring Tools (includes Voice Board, Voice Presentation, Authoring, Voice Podcaster, and Voice Email) (guide)

Blogs, Journals, and Wikis

      • How to Use a Blog (doc | video)
      • How to Use a Wiki  ( doc | video)
      • Edit & Manage Blogs (doc)
      • Edit & Manage Journals (doc)
      • Edit & Manage Wikis (doc)

Campus Pack Tools

      • Overview of Campus Pack Collaboration Space (doc | video)
      • Overview of Campus Pack Tools: Blogs, Journals, and Wikis (and Where to Use Each) (doc)
      • Add a Campus Pack Blog (doc | video)
      • Grade a Campus Pack Blog (doc | video )
      • Add a Campus Pack Journal (doc | video)
      • Grade a Campus Pack Journal (doc | video)
      • Add & Record a Campus Pack Podcast (doc)
      • Add a Campus Pack Wiki (doc | video)
      • Grade a Campus Pack Wiki (doc | video)
      • Manage Campus Pack Permissions and Settings (doc | video)

Blackboard Tools 

      • Add a Blackboard Blog (doc | video)
      • Grade a Blackboard Blog (doc | video)
      • Add a Blackboard Journal (doc)
      • Grade a Blackboard Journal (doc)
      • Add a Blackboard Wiki (doc | video)
      • Grade a Blackboard Wiki (doc )


      • Get Started with Blackboard IM (doc)
      • Send Blackboard Messages (doc | video)
      • Send Email (doc | video )
      • Forward Faculty/Staff NEU Email to Other Email Address (doc)

Content Collection

      • Course Collection vs. Course Files (doc)

Content Editor

      • Using Content Editor in Blackboard (doc | video)
      • Using Spell Checker (doc)
      • Content Editor Math Formulas (doc)


      • Clean Up a Course After Copy or Import (doc | video)
      • Copy a Course (doc)
      • Copy Individual Course Materials to Another Course (doc | video)
      • Manage Course Files (doc)
      • Move Individual Course Materials (doc)
      • Reduce Course File Size (doc | video)

Course Menu

Course Roster

      • Access the Course Roster (doc | video)
      • Export Course Roster (doc)

Customize Your Online Course Environment

      • Change your myNEU Password (doc)
      • Clean Up a Course After Copy or Import (doc | video)
      • Customize the ‘My Courses’ Panel (doc | video)
      • Edit Notifications Preferences (doc)
      • Turn on a Tool in Your Course (doc | video)
      • Edit the Home Page Banner (doc)
      • NU Online Course Availability Policy (doc)

Discussion Board

      • Discussion Board Overview (doc | video)
      • Replying to Discussion Posts (doc)
      • Add a Forum (doc | video )
      • Delete a Forum: (doc)
      • Edit a Forum (doc)
      • Grade the Discussion Forum (doc )
      • Grading Discussions Inline (doc )
      • Add a Thread (doc | video)
      • Attach a File to a Discussion Thread (doc | video)
      • Search for Posts by Student Name (doc | video)
      • Search and Collect Discussions in Continuous List (doc)
      • Get Email Alerts on New Posts (Subscribe to a Forum) (doc)
      • Search and Collect Posts (doc | video)
      • Use the “Post First” Option (doc)
      • Using “Collapse All” Discussion Board Feature to Avoid All Posts Being Marked as Read (doc)


      • Early Warning: Create Rule & Email Students (doc)
      • Performance Dashboard Overview (doc)
      • Achievement (Badges) Overview (doc | video)
      • Create and Manage Achievements (doc)
      • Using the Retention Center (doc)
      • Single Course User Participation Report (doc)
      • View Course Reports (doc) Note: on NU Online, these reports work best:
        • All User Activity inside Content Areas
        • Overall Summary of User Activity
        • User Activity in Forums
        • User Activity in Groups

Faculty Profile

Folders and Items

      • Add an Item in Course Materials (doc)
      • Edit a Content Item (doc)
      • Add a Folder in Course Materials (doc | video)
      • Add A Web Link (URL) in Course Materials (doc | video)
      • Set Adaptive Release for a Test or a Folder (doc)
      • Availability Options: Items & Folders (doc | video)
      • Set Availability Options for Content Items (doc)
      • ‘myFiles’: Upload Files (doc)
      • ‘myFiles’: Permissions and URL for an Item (doc)
      • Move Individual Course Materials (doc)

Grade Center

      • Grade Center Overview (doc | video)
      • About the Grade Center (link)
      • Setting Up the Grade Center (link)

Grade Student Work

      • Grade Assignments (doc | video)
      • Grade Assignments with Inline Grading (doc | video)
      • Entering Grades (doc)
      • Grading Anonymously (video)
      • Download or Upload Grade Center for Work Offline  (doc | video)
      • Override Grade/Clear Override (link)
      • Recalculate an Assessment Grade (doc)

Manage Grade Center Items


      • Group Management (doc)
      • Create a Single Group (doc | video)
      • Create a Set of Groups: Manual Enroll (doc | video)
      • Create a Set of Groups Random Enroll (doc | video)

Global Navigation, MyBlackboard and Home Page

      • Global Navigation and MyBlackboard (doc | video)
      • Course-to-Course Navigation (doc | video)
      • Edit the Home Page Banner (doc | video)
      • Home Page Overview (doc | video)


      • Creating a Mashup (video )
      • Embed Web 2.0 Content (doc | video)
      • Upload a .zip File to Course Files (doc )
      • Upload Files to “myFiles” and Create a Link (doc)
      • Set Permissions and Copy the URL for an Item in “myFiles” (doc )
      • Multimedia Lectures: Reaching a Higher Level (video )


      • Why use Rubrics? How can I create a rubric in Blackboard? (presentation)
      • Create a Rubric (doc | video)
      • Associate Rubric with Gradable Item (doc | video)
      • Grade an Assignment in a Rubric (doc | video)
      • Grade a Discussion Board Forum with a Rubric (doc)
      • Export/Import Blackboard Rubric (doc)

Student Preview


      • Post a PDF Version of Your Syllabus (doc)

Tools Comparison

      • Discussion Board/Blog/Wiki (document)
      • Campus Pack Tools: Blogs, Journals, and Wikis (and Where to Use Each) (document)


      • Create an Turnitin Assignment (doc)
      • How Students Submit an Assignment (doc)
      • View & Grade an Assignment (doc)
      • Submit a Turnitin Assignment on Behalf of a Student (doc)
      • About Originality Reports (video)
      • View an Originality Report (video)
      • Grademark Overview (video)
      • Use Grademark to Add Grades and Comments to Papers (video)
      • Create Rubrics and Attach to Assignments in in Grademark (document)
      • Add QuickMark Drag-and-drop Comments in Grademark (video)
      • Sync Grades Feature in Turnitin (document)

Additional Turnitin Resources