Frequently Asked Questions- NU Online

How do I contact my instructional designer?



Donna DiGiovanni | Instructional Designer | 617.373.5215 | 40 BV


Ryan Fleming | Instructional Designer | 617.373.6609 | 40 BV


Tim Harper | Instructional Designer | 617.373.4005 | 40 BV


Justin Horvath | Instructional Designer | 617.373.6617 | 40 BV


How do I give another instructor (or other person) access to an NU Online course?

The Manual Account Enrollment form submits a request for a manual enrollment on NU Online Blackboard and should only be used when enrollment in Salesforce/Banner is not possible.  This request must be completed by a Program Manager.  For more information, please visit the NU Online page on the CPS Intranet Sharepoint site.

How do I request new software?

If you want to acquire another piece of software, we will consult with you and your program manager on finding a tool that fits your needs.  Keep in mind that any software you purchase may require special training or support. We will help where we can but generally the vendors provide the first-tier support for their products. If you are considering purchasing a new tool and would like to consult with the instructional design team, complete the Software Inquiry Form and send it to Jennifer Pope at

I’m a new instructor. How do I access my NEU email?

Visit the CPS Faculty Central Getting Started page for information on accessing your NEU email.

Where do I find the NU Online PowerPoint template?

The latest PowerPoint templates can be found under Frequently Used Templates/Forms in the Getting Started: Setting Up Your Course page.  

Who is my instructional designer?