Faculty Spotlight

Assessment Strategies to Promote Student Success

DColameta HeadshotAn interview with
Graduate Adjunct Instructor - Communications
Northeastern University College of Professional Studies

See how Deborah promotes success for her students with frequent “take the pulse” assessments and with “post first” discussion forums.

Deborah is an award-winning communications professional with extensive experience in client, constituent, and donor-facing roles which require impeccable attention to detail and expertise in managing expectations.


Can you describe the challenge that was presented in your course?


How did you solve the challenge?


What was the result? What made it a success?


What do you recommend to other faculty looking to implement your ideas?


Any additional tips you’d like to share?

Student feedback:

“I absolutely loved the quizzes and I don’t test well, even in open book scenarios. The quizzes kept me on track with the readings and lecture materials. I honestly wish that more professors incorporated weekly quizzes into the curriculum and grading.
I also really liked the requirement to post before I could read others discussion board entries. This is a great idea and it improved the quality of all posts. Again, I wish that more professors utilized this feature. “

“I hope that other professors implement some of the tools such as the quizzes.”