The Value of Badges

Digital badges provide value to badge earners, employers and issuers in a variety of ways. Since badge earners control how and with whom they share badges, they can use them to advance their goals in whatever ways are important to them.

A Northeastern badge includes metadata tags describing the specific skills it represents. By using skills as the shared currency, earners and viewers can more easily connect badges to real-time employment opportunities and to other badges.

Here are a few examples of how digital badges provide value across the Northeastern network.

Students & Lifelong learners

Once a student successfully demonstrates a competency or skill (e.g., by completing a summative assessment), she can immediately share that achievement by posting a badge on her resume or LinkedIn profile. She no longer needs to wait until she completes the program to share what knowledge, skills and/or experience she can offer potential employers. Even if her skills are not yet advanced, her badges allow others to see the path she is pursuing.

For lifelong learners, who can include career advancers, job changers, retired professionals, and those considering a degree, a badge signifies a commitment to continuous learning. Badges may also help career advancers highlight new skills, or network with others who share similar interests and experiences. For those considering a career change or an advanced degree, earning a badge is a great way to explore the topic in a low risk way before making a bigger commitment or life change.

Corporate-based learners

Corporate-based learners who complete executive education, workshops, and other non-credit programming delivered by Northeastern, may earn a badge representing their participation. These badge earners may share the badge as evidence of  professional growth and achievement, or as a way to highlight specific skills their employer and industry considers valuable.

Employers & XN Project Sponsors

Digital badges provide employers and XN project sponsors with another mechanism for mapping specific opportunities to current or new ‘talent.’ Employers can use badges to more easily locate people who have skills and/or experience that aligns to their specific needs. In many cases, a badge may also contain links to learning ‘artifacts,’ i.e., examples of the badge earner’s work that showcase her skills.

Northeastern University

Badges provide universities with another way to maintain connections with alumni and provide them with opportunities to re-engage with Northeastern throughout their life. Digital badges can also help build awareness of the Northeastern brand when they are shared across social and professional networks.

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