Kaltura Captioning How To and FAQs

This page will show you how to order captions for your videos recorded in Kaltura and answer some FAQs about the process.

How do I order captions?

After recording your video in Kaltura, you can choose “Order Captions” and choose a timeframe you would like this completed in (48 hours for video that students will be viewing immediately or 7-day for recording videos ahead of time). Captions will be added to videos automatically.

To learn more about how to order captions for your videos:

Watch this 2-minute captioning how-to video:  Captioning Kaltura Videos

Do I have to edit the captions?

No, the captioning vendor will be providing 99% accuracy of all videos captioned/transcribed.  However, if you see captions that are not accurately reflecting the audio, please contact onlinecaptioning@neu.edu.

Why is captioning important for our students?

  • Helps improve literacy and retain material
  • Allows students the option of searching the text in captioned videos to find particular segments
  • Provides increased usability for everyone
  • Helps those who are learning English as a second language
  • Provides access to the material while watching in a noisy environment

How will I know if my video has been submitted correctly or if it has been captioned?

You can see your pending captioning requests by selecting your video from My Media and clicking on Actions>View Captioning Requests.  Note that the captioning will be done automatically within the timeframe selected (48 hours, 7 days).  View the Ordering Captions Instructor Guide for a screenshot and more information.

**Please note, if you have a student with a disability who has registered with the DRC to receive captioning as an accommodation, Jennifer Pope will be contacting you prior to the term to expedite any captioning needs for your course.

Who should I contact for help with captioning?

  • For questions on getting started with captioning, please contact your instructional designer.
  • If you have submitted captions and notice issues with quality or have questions on your submission, please contact onlinecaptioning@neu.edu.