Blackboard Collaborate Guides

Collaborate offers instructors a way to connect with their students from anywhere
across the globe. Collaborate is a web conferencing tool available in all NU Online courses.It allows students and instructors to hold synchronous conversations, share presentations, and record meetings. Below are some common uses for Collaborate within online courses at Northeastern.

Note:  Collaborate has a weekly scheduled maintenance window during the following times-  Saturday 10 pm EST to Sunday 6 am EST.  It is not recommended to host a session at this time.



Are you ready to use Blackboard Collaborate? Click any link below for details and easy to follow tutorials to use Blackboard Collaborate today.

Get started with Blackboard Collaborate
BlackboardCollaborate-150x73Watch the Blackboard Collaborate Orientation for Moderators to experience an archived session. Please don’t close this window until you are in your Blackboard Collaborate online collaboration session. Note that your browser security settings may block this site from downloading files to your computer. If so, you will need to accept the download of these files.

Note:  Collaborate has a weekly scheduled maintenance window during the following times-  Saturday 10 pm EST to Sunday 6 am EST.  It is not recommended to host a session at this time.

More Collaborate webinar tips and information can be found here: Tips for conducting a Collaborate session  

Inform Blackboard Collaborate participants
Prepare participants for an upcoming session in Collaborate for better outcomes. NU Online recommends checking that your computer and browser are properly configured for a Blackboard Collaborate session.  Check system requirements here.


Please note: Collaborate is a Java-based application and it’s important that your Java software is up to date. Blackboard_Collaborate_Info_for_Participants

Conduct class discussion/review meetings in real-time
Class-Meeting-300x187Class meetings through Blackboard Collaborate can help students feel more connected to the course, each other, and to you as the instructor. Use Collaborate to acclimate students to your course setup, introduce new concepts, host Q and A sessions, or simply talk with students to get acquainted as a group. View this downloadable guide to conduct class meetings in real time.

Hold virtual one-on-one meetings with students
Office-Hours-300x187Use Blackboard Collaborate to meet with individual students from anywhere across the globe for scheduled office hours. Blackboard Collaborate allows you and your students to share PowerPoint presentations, the computer desktop, or talk about course materials. View this downloadable guide to host office hours through Blackboard Collaborate.
Create a virtual space for student presentations
Student-Presentation-300x187 Collaborate offers a solution that encourages students to incorporate multimedia or their own voices into a presentation. Students can give their presentations to a live audience or record them for later viewing. Recordings are downloaded and put onto YouTube or other video websites for easy access. Students can even take questions from their audience about the presentation using Blackboard Collaborate. View this downloadable guide to enhance student presentations with Blackboard Collaborate.
Schedule virtual student meeting spaces
Student-Group-Meeting-300x187Finding a place to work as a group can be challenging for online students, especially if they are in different areas of the country or the world. Use Blackboard Collaborate to provide a place where students can work on projects or discuss content from your course. Collaborate allows meetings to take place no matter where students are. View this downloadable guide to create a space for students to meet within Blackboard Collaborate. 
Create a mobile experience for students
Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Web Conferencing is designed for active learners who are on the go. Participants can view and take part in meetings or live lectures from their Apple and Android phones/tablets, as well as, the Kindle Fire HD. Click on the button below for your device’s app store to download Blackboard Collaborate Mobile today.Bb-Collaborate-Mobile-Collaboration-12-5collaborate-app-storecollaborate-google-playcollaborate-kindle

Tutorial: Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Mobile

Obtain Blackboard Collaborate help and support

help-button-66608_150Where can I find help and support?
24 X 7 Help Desk
Phone: 855.836.3520
Live Chat:
Visit the Blackboard Collaborate Technical Support Portal page.
Contact your instructional designer with questions or to set up a time to for some one-on-one training.