Writing Learning Objectives

The learning objective is a critical building block in the creation of an online or hybrid course. It provides a foundation on which all the other elements of your course are built.  Lectures, discussions, assignments, and assessments are all teaching strategies used to reach the common goal: satisfying and accomplishing the objectives.

  • Learning objectives communicate what the student will be expected to be able to do at the conclusion of a given week.

In creating your objectives, keep in mind that each objective should be performance-based and measurable.Learning Objectives

A performance-based learning objective describes the skill or knowledge that a student will be able to demonstrate by the end of the course or lesson. Use specific action verbs such as: list, identify, state, discuss, describe, solve, compare and contrast.

Resources | Writing Learning Objectives and Learning Outcomes

Scroll over the Bloom’s Taxonomy graphic below to find a listing of action verbs to help you build your learning objectives.