Creating your Assignments

New online instructors often wonder if the lack of physical and social cues makes it more difficult to assess performance and provide constructive feedback to students online. The best way to get to know your students and what type of work they are capable of is through the use of informal and formal assessments throughout your course.

The best practices of effective assessment include timely feedback, frequent opportunities for students to demonstrate what they know, variety, and opportunities for revision and reflection.

Use a variety of assignments throughout your course to let students demonstrate what they’ve learned and to get a better sense of whether or not they are grasping the course material.

Course Alignment with Assignments

When creating your assignments, it is critical to match program and course outcomes with the instructional activities and assessment.

Alignment with Assessment

Course Level Assessment Planning

It’s helpful to use these steps when planning:

  • Define clear and concrete learning outcomes
  • Match content and instructional activities with the outcomes
  • Use a variety of assessment methods to measure learning
  • Clearly, define for students how the outcomes will be measured
  • Evaluate outcomes and compare achieved with intended outcomes
  • Make improvement to the curriculum to address identified gaps