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Who we are

Northeastern University Online (NU Online) consists of a dedicated team that is passionate about online education. We are constantly striving to find the best ways to help instructors connect with and motivate students in the online learning environment through instructional design, technical support, video services, and accessibility/copyright compliance.

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Northeastern University (NU) Online’s mission is to deliver world-class, engaging and effective online education, combining the best practices of eLearning, state-of-the-art technology, specially trained faculty, professional instructional designers, and 24/7 technical support.




Awards received

National University Technology Network’s (NUTN) Distance Education Innovation Award- Honorable Mention

NU Online received this award for our economical, accessible, scalable, efficient and effective (EASEE) multipoint approach to ensuring quality in online teaching and learning. NUTN commended NU Online for successfully deploying and delivering an increasing number of online courses while being supported by a small team of instructional designers. The multipoint quality assurance program focuses on comprehensive training and mentoring of faculty, rubric-based courses’ readiness checks and quality reviews, and formative and summative student evaluations. This scalable and systematic approach has proven to ensure high quality of instructors’ readiness and preparation for large numbers of online classes.

NUTN is a consortium of higher education institutions dedicated to the planning, designing, producing, distributing and evaluating of distance education. NUTN began in 1982 as an organization of higher education institutions experimenting with use of new two-way video technology to reach students at a distance. Over the years, the membership adapted course delivery to the latest technologies to better serve adult distance learning students. NUTN is made up of leaders in distance education who meet annually to network and honor innovation in the field of online teaching and learning.

Blackboard Catalyst Award for Staff Development

NU Online received this award for our immersive, scalable approach to training that ensured a successful teaching and learning experience for faculty who were involved in a major Blackboard upgrade. NU Online’s new comprehensive online training was recognized as being innovative and best in class.


NU Online Technology and Services Report

At NU Online, we are constantly looking for better ways to analyze the effectiveness, reliability, and utilization of our tools and services, and this report is generated to share those lessons with you. View the report findings here.