Activities sponsored by NULab are organized by faculty and graduate students and are open to all members of the Northeastern community and the Boston area. They are open to people working at any skill level—from entry level to expert. For information about participating in a group, please see the contacts below.


NULab Reading Group
Digital Scholarship Commons, Snell Library 211, selected Wednesdays, 12:00 p.m.

The NULab Fellows run a Digital Humanities / Computational Social Science reading group to benefit the graduate students and faculty connected with NULab. Interested people from elsewhere are, of course, welcome as well! The idea is to bring the NULab together around highly relevant interdisciplinary research and engage in cross disciplinary discussion. For each session the fellows ask a NULab faculty member to recommend an article or two, sending those readings out to the community a week in advance, and convening to make sense of it all.
Contact the NULab fellows ( if you would like to receive the readings, or the events page for

DH Open Office Hours
Digital Scholarship Commons, Snell Library 211, every Thursday, 12:00 p.m.

A weekly meeting of faculty and students working on digital humanities projects. We start at noon with introductions, brief reports on works in progress, recent readings, and show and tell, followed by informal discussion and consultation. At intervals we hold informal workshops on special topics; a schedule for these will be posted. If you would like to learn more about the digital humanities or receive help with a DH project, stop by to talk with experts. All levels welcome—please knock if the DSC door isn’t open!


Working Group for Big Data, Analytics, and Statistics
Hosted by the NUlab, Christoph Riedl is holding a weekly un-conference, hackathon-style workshop meeting to talk about big data, data analytics, and statistics. There are (usually) no presentations and no talk but plenty of application and live coding. If you are interested in big data, if you want to share you data analytics work, show a visualization, demo your super-efficient massively parallel implementation of some fancy analysis, or if you simply want to learn about what data analytics projects folks at Northeastern are working on, come and join us. For more information and for a schedule of upcoming meetings, visit the group’s blog.