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Program & Policy Forms

In order to participate in The Program, all participants are required to review, sign, and submit the following policy forms to The office through their myNEU student portals:

Enrollment Forms (Available May 9, 2014, and due May 16, 2014):

Group Flight Reservation Form
Students submit this location-specific form to Advantage Travel, the travel agency through with all group flights are booked. Details regarding baggage restrictions, deviations, routing changes, layovers, and other airline policies and regulations are included on this form. Please use the links below (available late-May) for more information regarding the Group Flight process and to access this form:

  • Australia
  • England
  • Greece
  • Ireland: FIE@DBS
  • Ireland: UCD
Flight Information Form

To ensure the safety of all participants, both students traveling on the group flight and those traveling independently must provide with the details of their itinerary, including any and all connecting flights. Students will receive an email prompting them to provide these flight details prior to departure.