Prescription Medication

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Participants should discuss their prescription needs while studying abroad with their physician/health care professional prior to departure. In addition, students who take prescription medications regularly should obtain a doctor’s certificate from their physician outlining any medications and the reasons for taking the medication in case they need to access more medication during their time in Ireland. Please note that not all medications may be available in Ireland. If possible, arrangements should be made for bringing an entire semester's worth of medication or for shipping medications to the student throughout the duration of the semester. Aon WorldAware can be a very useful resource for questions about prescription medication, availability, and restrictions.

Participants should check the requirements for shipping medications with both the courier service as well as with Irish customs. In some cases, the recipients may need to pay a fee to receive the package. It is not uncommon for packages to be held up in customs because more information is needed for delivery to be completed.

Packing Prescriptions 
Ensure that a doctor’s certificate accompanies any controlled substances. Additionally, please pack prescription medications in carry-on luggage in their original containers.